Knowing when to give up

There’s been a long silence from this blog. My latest project hasn’t been going all that well. It’s Vogue 8825.

Vogue 8825 envelope

I fell in love with the design when it came out: the sleeves! I didn’t initially realize it was a pattern for knits so decided to make it up in the electric blue chiffon I got from Birmingham Rag Market. A quick look at the pattern soon revealed the problems with that but I carried on anyway, tracing a size larger than normal and altering the sleeves and cuffs to have a button closure. I intended to put in a side zip so I could get in and out of it. And sew it with French seams wherever possible.

Some weeks later and I’ve got as far as only having the side seams (including that zip) and the sleeves/cuffsto do (and hemming of course…) but I’ve got no desire at all to finish it. Maybe it’s because the weather has turned really cold again, or the French seams are just too fiddly, or I’m avoiding putting a zip into one of the least well-behaved fabrics I’ve ever sewed with.

So today after a week of not sewing at all I put it away and got out some wool jersey. I have some delicious colours and thanks to all your helpful comments on my post about long sleeved dresses a few warm patterns to try. And it feels like such a relief to put the chiffon dress away. Should have done it days ago.

Wool jersey fabric