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This is the Kielo wrap dress from Named Clothing that it seems like everyone’s made this summer. Understandably: it’s flattering, comfortable, and very quick to sew. I bought the pattern when I saw Laura’s lovely version, and ended up even copying the colour she chose. I hadn’t made a Named pattern before and as my […]

Almost every sewing blogger in the world has already made Vogue 1250. Some have made it as many as five times. It has two great properties: it’s easy and it looks good! I have read through all 91 reviews of it on Pattern Review so I reckon I know what I’m talking about there. I’ve […]

Was it worth the wait? This dress has taken me a month to make. Now some of that is due to real life preventing me from sewing for a week or two, but even taking that into account this was a slow project. And I haven’t even hemmed it yet. The pattern is Vogue 8489. […]



I finally finished Vogue 8644. You may remember that this has been a chapter of accidents, all my own fault on account of having washed the original fabric, so this is a second attempt. The result’s a resounding ‘meh’. There’s nothing dramatically wrong but I’m just not that keen on it. I haven’t got the […]