Electric blue

Thanks for all the kind comments on my sparkly Vogue 8866. A few people said it was more wearable than I thought; I’m not sure but I’m now on the lookout for some non-sparkly wool doubleknit to make it up again as a warm dress for work.

And in the meantime I’m sewing up another piece of fabric bought in Birmingham in November. This is an electric blue chiffon bought from the Rag Market for the astonishing price of £1 per metre. It has a very soft hand and the colour is amazing. It has another amazing property which is less welcome, as I discovered when I pressed it before cutting. As soon as I moved the free end off the edge of the ironing board it stuck itself to the sewing room wall.

Blue chiffon sticking to wall

By the time I’d pressed the whole length I could get it to do this.

Blue chiffon stuck to wall with static

I have problems with static at the best of times; I might have to find extra-conductive shoes to wear with this project!