Disgraceful curtains

Recently we rearranged the house to make better use of space. My office/sewing area moved into what was the very small spare bedroom. It’s been great having dedicated space to sew in. But I don’t think I can put off doing something about the curtains much longer.

That isn’t an optical illusion. It is an enormous tear in the curtains held together by a few pins. I can’t remember how it came to be there, which should give you some idea of how old it is. The curtains themselves are ancient; I think they came with the house. The tear is probably of more recent date.

The trouble is that I find curtains deeply unexciting. I can browse fabric for hours, even furnishing fabric, but the thought of actually sewing curtains is completely unappealing. All those long straight seams. All that hemming. I’m going to have to find some seriously special fabric if the curtains are ever going to get replaced.