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Shades of red


I seem to have been sewing Vogue 8667 forever. I had a day off work this week and thought I’d finish it easily then. Two days and one evening of sewing later, here it is. I really like the collar. It’s an Easy Options pattern so there are instructions for a collarless version as well […]

This is the bodice lining of Vogue 8667 basted together. I made a muslin of this pattern last week but was had problems with the fit of the back. This is my original muslin with the gapping at the back armhole and excess fabric folds on the back neckline. The main difference between the muslin […]

I dashed to John Lewis after work today and they had the perfect red cupro lining to go with my red wool fabric from Glasgow. So in theory I’m all set for the next stage of the long drawn out Vogue 8667 project, which is to make the lining using my altered pattern pieces to […]

Here’s my muslin of Vogue 8667. And this is the pattern envelope: The muslin is made from cheap and cheerful glazed cotton I bought off the market as it’s practically impossible to get calico round here. The shiny effect is unintentional. I was intending to use the dull side of the fabric as the right […]

I’m currently making a muslin of Vogue 8667 view A. When I started sewing in 2008 I picked pattern sizes based on the usual advice. I took all my measurements carefully, wrote them down, and compared with the size charts to choose what pattern size to make. Everything came out much too big. I eventually […]