Andy’s gizmo

This is how I made a toy version of the gizmo gadget from the CBeebies shows Andy’s Dinosaur/Safari/Prehistoric/Wild Adventures for my son. I’m putting the pattern and notes here for my own reference. I’m not affiliated with the show or channel in any way, just a fan!

Andy’s gizmo

Pattern pieces

These are A4 PDF files. They’re just for the gizmo, not the armband.


  • Blue felt 16cm x 14cm
  • Black felt scrap 10cm x 5cm
  • A scrap of heat resistant table covering 10cm x 25cm, or something else to stuff the gizmo with. The gizmo is 1cm deep and I used four layers of the table covering as stuffing.
  • Sturdy iron on interfacing (Vilene H250) 14cm x 11cm
  • Black Velcro (2cm wide, 35cm long)
  • White, blue and black sewing thread
  • Black sweatshirting fabric for the arm wrap, the size depends on the child. Mine was 20cm x 20cm.


  • Cut out the pieces
  • Apply the interfacing piece to the blue felt
  • Transfer pattern markings to the back of the interfaced pieceBlue felt with interfacing applied and marked
  • Stay stitch around the edge of the screen then cut out the hole for the screen. Place the black felt piece underneath and then stitch around the edge again. If using a fabric that frays you could leave a seam allowance around the edge of the hole when cutting and turn that under before backing it with the black fabric.
  • Embroider the markings on the front of the gizmo with white thread and a dense zigzag stitch
  • Sew the Velcro strips onto the blue fabric with black thread. I used the hook side of the Velcro. Blue felt with screen installed, embroidery done, and Velcro attached
  • Press the loose loop Velcro pieces to the attached hook pieces or the Velcro will catch on the fabric in the next step.
  • Fold the blue felt in half, right sides together, along the short axis. Stitch the centre back seam, leaving a gap in the middle for turning.
  • Roll the piece so that the centre back seam is at centre back, directly under the screen. Press.
  • Stitch the side seams.
  • Make the box shape by pinching each corner of the piece. Fingers should be on what will become the side faces of the gizmo, pressing them together to bring the stitching lines for the vertical edges together. The edge of the interfacing marks the stitching lines, and there will be a little triangle of uninterfaced blue felt sticking out. Sew along each vertical edge, along the edge of the interfacing, and trim the little triangles off.
  • Turn right side out.
  • Insert the stuffing; I used four layers of the heat resistant matting to get a thickness of 1cm.
Heat resistant matting pieces used for stuffing
  • Slip stitch the hole in centre back closed.
  • Hem the arm wrap (my hem was 1cm deep) and sew Velcro down two opposite edges, then sew on the loop sides of the two short strips from the gizmo.
Gizmo without arm band
The finished gizmo
Finished arm band
The finished arm wrap
Gizmo on arm band
Gizmo attached to wrap
Upside down gizmo propped on band showing Velcro
The underside of the gizmo