Yellow Blanca

A woman standing in a wood. She has short hair and is wearing a yellow jumpsuit over a black crew neck top.

Not that I like jumpsuits a lot, but this is the fourth one I’ve made in the last 12 months. It’s another Closet Core Blanca. As always I made view A because it has long arms and sleeves and I am permanently cold. This time I used the patch pockets from view B on the chest instead of the zip pockets, but it’s not much of a variation. All the difference is in the colour and the topstitching. But if anyone wants to compare: black version, grey version, blue version.

Line art of Closet Core Blnca jumpsuit showing two views. Both have a zip front, straight legs, hip patch pockets, and a waistband. A has long legs and sleeves, zipped patch pockets on the chest, and a belt with a buckle. B has short sleeves, cropped legs, patch pockets without zips, and a tie belt.
Closet Core Blanca line art,

This was a project inspired by the fabric: dark ochre stretch denim from Empress Mills. It’s bolder than I’d normally go for and I added contrast topstitching too. I didn’t have any black topstitching thread handy so it is all done in Gutermann Extra Strong, which is a weight between their Sew All and their Topstitch ranges. It makes a good bold line and comes in much bigger spools than the specialist topstitch thread; highly recommended. I used regular Sew All in yellow for the rest. I kept the yellow thread in the bobbin for topstitching to save time swapping out thread, but I do wish I’d switched to black in the bobbin when I sewed the zip in, as the yellow bobbin thread shows up on the black zip tape. It’s one of those things that doesn’t show from the front, but if I look down I can see the yellow stitching on the back of the tape and it bugs me. But not enough to rip out that zip and do it again. The stretch denim is a nightmare to put a zip into.

I used contrast hardware: a black zip with black plastic teeth, black buttons for the leg tabs, and a black belt buckle. The belt buckle isn’t a very satisfactory choice. The design means it needs to be under a bit of tension to stay closed, so my belt had to be made tighter than I’d like. The buckle is probably intended for elastic belts.

A woman with short hair standing on a footbridge. She is wearing a yellow jumpsuit over a black crew neck top, and black platform boots.

I shaved a tiny bit of height off the top of the trousers at centre back, and a little width off the back waistband, because I always seem to get a bit of bagginess there on this style. It’s helped somewhat. That big wrinkle in the picture is just the bottom of my t shirt. I couldn’t reduce the length much further, I’d never get in and out of it.

A woman with short hair walks away from the viewer towards a footbridge. She is wearing a yellow jumpsuit over a black crew neck top, and black platform boots.

Despite yellow fabric and contrast stitching and hardware this has come out more muted than I expected. Hopefully that bodes well for getting lots of wear out of it. And I had a small fear it might come out like Kill Bill cosplay, which it hasn’t, so that’s a bonus.

A side view of a woman with short hair standing on a footbridge. She is wearing a yellow jumpsuit over a black crew neck top, and black platform boots.

I added the patch before I realised why the design seemed familiar; it’s the Versace logo. Oops. I ironed it on very thoroughly before stitching it down so I can’t easily remove it now. No one has commented in real life yet; I’m hoping the fact you need to be really quite close to notice the detail means this will continue. Same goes for my dreadful bar tacks on the pockets…everyone who said no one other than a very critical sewist would notice was right. I hardly see them myself now.

A woman with short hair seen from the waist up. She is wearing a yellow jumpsuit over a black crew neck top. The jumpsuit has a black and gold patch on one chest pocket.

This jumpsuit means I’ve finally scratched my Blanca itch – four versions should keep me clothed for work for quite a while and I’m now keen to move onto more frivolous projects.

Thanks to my husband for taking the photos.

17 thoughts on “Yellow Blanca

    1. Thanks! I can truly recommend the pattern. It’s thoughtfully designed to make fitting easy and the instructions are good, although personally I use a lot more interfacing around the zip.

  1. There could never be enough, you always look great in them. You made me snort with the Kil Bill reference. I like the subtlety of the colour – bold, yet cool!

  2. Your jumpsuit looks great on you. I have a hard time getting into the idea of jumpsuits & overalls. The idea of holding your garment up off the floor of a public toilet gets me every time. But then I see someone wearing a great example of a jumpsuit, & I think I should try it. Anyway, fantastic job. Truly inspirational!

  3. This is awesome! As Susan above me in the comments said, I’m not sure jumpsuits are for me until I see someone else wearing one that looks this good. You’ve probably already thought of this, but maybe black Sharpie or other permanent marker on the yellow thread that you see against the black zipper?

  4. Love it! The color is fantastic and the details are great. I’m also a big fan of using the Extra Strong thread for topstitching – my previous machine couldn’t handle actual topstitch thread (I haven’t tried it on my current machine, which has a stronger motor), so I’ve always used the Extra Strong on projects where I wanted the topstitch look. Plus it comes in bigger spools and (in my experience) more colors, which is great! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new jumpsuit; I’m sure you will get lots of wear from it because it is fabulous!

  5. Wow I love it! I’ve only just found your blog but I love how effortless and cool your looks are. You really know yourself, and have great style. I love seeing it in your sewing journey. Thanks for sharing!

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