Not so mellow yellow

Last year I made two more Closet Core Blanca jumpsuits to take my total to three. And now I’m working on number four. This one is in dark yellow stretch denim. The colour alone makes it a lot more in-your-face than my previous black, grey and blue affairs, so I doubled down on that with contrast top-stitching. This needs to be really accurate to look good and at first it was going fairly well: the back has come out nicely.

The pattern mentions sewing bartacks to hold the front hip pockets in place ‘if your machine will cooperate’. I didn’t bother on my previous versions, but on this one I needed to hide a top-stitching wobble on one pocket so gave it a go. My machine did not, in fact, cooperate. They’re very uneven – weirdly the width is inconsistent which I don’t understand at all – and you should see the mess on the back. I’m relying on the fact that most people don’t look closely, as unpicking it now will probably not improve the effect.

And I also added a patch to one of the breast pockets. This Medusa is a decent colour match and seemed highly appropriate for me; anyone who’s been following this blog for a while knows I have a bad case of resting bitch face. I realised after I’d ironed it on and sewed it down that the vaguely familiar design is actually a copy of the Versace logo. Not what I intended at all. Too late now.

I’m quite pleased with the buckle I found for the belt though. I wanted metal and matt black, which was surprisingly difficult to track down.

I’ve come too far with this not to finish it now, but I do wonder whether the final effect will be tragedy or triumph. Watch this space.

27 thoughts on “Not so mellow yellow

  1. I’m sure it will be a triumph and a welcome to the spring to come. Little mistakes we make when sewing are not noticed by other people they usually see the garment as a whole and wish they could sew and be creative.

  2. I don’t think I have ever been 100% happy with anything I have made it seems to come with the territory. I think it looks great and may have to borrow your colour choice, where did you buy it.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about the bar tacks – no one else seems to notice. JUST DON’T POINT THEM OUT! I think this is going to look great and I’m sure you can pull off the colour

    1. I agree with the previous comments. I know it will turn out great. I think your detail choices are excellent. I especially like the buckle choice. And you had me at “not mellow yellow”. My favorite band is Sparks. During their 2022 tour, Russell Mael, frontman for Sparks wore a bright yellow vest and trousers with a black shirt. His black Camper shoes had bright yellow soles. So, I am looking forward to seeing your finished Blanca!

  4. Only sewers focus on the tiny imperfections in the things we make. I’m fairly sure bartacks on most RTW aren’t perfect either and they are made likely on a machine that only does that function.

  5. I mostly gave up on using bartacks on pockets after a few fiascos. Now it’s rivets or nothing. It looks like a good shade of yellow. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  6. Your natural elegance will carry off a not mellow yellow jumpsuit with ease. I would love to see it worn with black, yellow soled shoes.


  7. After you are done give it a few days to sit in the closet and think about what it hasn’t cooperated to, and I’m sure when it comes out it will all be much better. That’s always the way with these small details – we (the makers) are always the only ones who notice! And the color will be too fun to let a few minor issues with topstitching get in the way.

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