Top N of 2022 part 1

Time for an end of year roundup. There isn’t an official Sewing Top Fives blog series this year, but I’ll carry on using the format of hits, misses, highlights, reflections, and goals anyway. It’s Top N this year though as I only made 14 things in 2022. Admittedly there were two and a half coats in that 14…I’m counting Vogue 1476 as only half a coat because it’s more of a blanket with sleeves.

So onto the hits. It was a good year but I’m going to pick just one item to feature: my 80s coat. Most of what I made this year is getting regular wear, but this one in particular makes me smile every time I put it on.

A woman with short hair wearing a yellow-green boxy coat, black tapered trousers and yellow trainers stands in a bricked up doorway

The pattern is vintage Vogue 1767 from 1986, by Claude Montana. I love the colour and the boxy shape is very easy to wear.

I didn’t have many complete misses this year. I made three things that for various reasons don’t often get worn and here they are.

A woman wearing a black short sleeved t shirt and black tapered trousers stands in front of a stone building with a bricked up arch.

First up are the trousers from the same pattern as the green coat. They are a classic 80s carrot shape. I made the mistake of making two very similar pairs of trousers: these from vintage Vogue 1767 and another pair from vintage Vogue 1476. I prefer the 1476 pair and I don’t reach for the style enough that I use both.

Next is the Claude Montana tunic dress. The pattern is vintage Vogue 1071. The problem with this is that I’ve yet to find weather conditions it works for. It looks bad with tights, but it’s too thick and warm to wear when the temperature allows bare legs. It’s a conundrum. Possibly tights would work with different footwear, but I don’t know quite what.

It seems odd putting this dress in misses because in some respects it was a highlight of my sewing year: the pattern (vintage Vogue 1652, another Claude Montana design) is a rare one that took me ages to find a copy of, the construction was unusual, and the finished garment is spectacular. But I don’t wear it. I can’t help thinking there’s a brilliant garment in this pattern somewhere but this one isn’t it. Different fabric and a less fussy closure are required.

Suggestions for fixing any of those most welcome!

Happy Christmas all if you celebrate. I’ll cover the rest in an upcoming post.

17 thoughts on “Top N of 2022 part 1

  1. Really enjoyed following your Claude Montana makes through the year. Love the last dress – a shame it hasn’t worked its way into your wardrobe.
    Tunic dress thoughts: wear with coloured tights and ankle boots?

    1. Thanks! The coat has been brilliant, and so have a couple of Montana dresses I made the year before, so I think I’m about 50/50 on those patterns. And they’re a joy to sew.

      Good idea about the tights, I’ll have to dig out my yellow ones!

  2. Love that yellow coat! About the tunic dress, it seems like it would make a good cold weather top. The length needs thinking about, but anywhere between hip and even cropped to the waist might work with the right bottoms?

    1. Love your chartreuse coat. It’s stunning. I think the last Montana dress is very much a specialty item and you must create the occasions to wear it. It’s amazing and you look wonderful in it. I hope you create a special event so you can wear it. Don’t deprive the world of such magnificence.

  3. I loved watching these come together over the year and the acid green coat is a triumph. It’s a shame that the hooded dress hasn’t found it’s moment because I love it. No suggestions, I’m afraid, it’s like some things are just too fabulous for real life.

  4. The tunic dress should works with tights IMO – maybe slight contrast so it isn’t a solid block of colour from shoulder to toe? Or maybe shortening it a few inches, making side slits and wearing with skinny pants or leggings/opaque tights?

  5. You made some stand-out pieces this year. The Tunic dress is my favourite. I think I’d like to see it worn as a coat with skinny jeans and boots with a high heel. Can also imagine it made a little shorter in something luxe like a gold fabric or drapery velvet and worn with skyscraper heels! (Still an occasion might be needed 🤣)

  6. I still love 1652 on you! It’s my favorite make of yours last year. Admittedly, not easy to wear in 2022. You should have been around with me in the 80s!!! Not sure what advice to offer on it, but don’t give up on it. It has the feel of a special occasion dress. Doesn’t get worn often, but when it does, look out!

  7. I know I’ve seen you wear some lovely silver items in the past – what about pairing the “bad with tights” dress with something metallic – like a silver legging?

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