Finishing my 80s wardrobe: black polo neck top

My 80s wardrobe plan has been on hold for a few months because all the pieces are unbearably hot to wear in summer, and we had a lot of summer this year. But now the weather has cooled down slightly so here is the second to last piece: a plain black polo neck top for wearing with both pairs of trousers. I used Burda 120 12/2020 but missed out the gathering. The arms ended up a reasonable length for me – I normally add 5cm to those. The body is a bit on the long side but good for tucking in. I normally add 5cm there too. The collar is very high indeed. I’m wearing it folded over in the photos.

Burda 120 12/2020 line art,

I’m wearing it with the trousers from vintage Vogue 1476 here. It’s come out less boxy than I intended, so I’ve ended up with quite a contrast in proportion between the slim fitting top and the voluminous trousers. Still trying to decide if I like the effect or not. It’s certainly a Look. I probably should have gone up a size to get a more 80s effect.

The fabric is ‘posh ponte’ from Stone Fabrics. It’s mostly viscose with a bit of polyester and elastane; quite heavy and very elastic. It feels a bit like a scuba knit but without the shiny finish. They’ve sold out of the black by now, but there are some other colours available.

While this was intended to go with the trousers shown here it ought to work in plenty of other contexts too. But it’s not the baggy 80s polo neck I was looking for. Back to the pattern collection I think.

Thanks to my husband as always for the photos.

12 thoughts on “Finishing my 80s wardrobe: black polo neck top

  1. It may not be 80s, but the look you do have is very now! I think it came out well. I wonder, would a different different weight knit fit differently? I’ve noticed I get different fits with different knits and the same pattern. I can’t seem to predict it though.

  2. I think Desireless would wear that! (Was she ever big in the UK?) For some reason when I think black turtelenecks, that’s who springs to mind. And Depeche Mode.

  3. Ugh, sorry for the double comment! feel free to delete 🙂 I’ve been having trouble with WordPress logging me out between blog comments and looking at my own site, ever since enabling MFA.

  4. Ooh, I love the finished article, and I think they go well with the trousers. Although I can see what you mean about the 80s aesthetic. Would shoulder pads bulk it up enough?

    1. Thanks! I fear I’ve not got enough space for pads in this one, I’ll just have to make another. But you’re right they did seem to have shoulder pads in everything back then

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