Too much blue? Burda 106 04/2017

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the top in these pictures, which was made purely to go with these very shiny joggers that I made last year. They need a boxy top to offset the expanse of shiny fabric around the hips. So I made the new top and then still wasn’t sure the combination was wearable.

We took these pictures a few weeks ago and since then I have worn this outfit for real on a couple of days, and even ventured out of the house in it. So having given the joggers a bit of wear it’s time to post about them properly. They’re from a Burda pattern, 106 04/2017, and a length of satin given to me by a friend of my mum’s (thanks again Sue!)

Line art for Burda 106 04/2017, a pair of jogging trousers with zip pockets, elastic waist and ankle cuffs, and a drawstring
Burda 106 04/2017 line art,

I’m not totally sure where the waist on these is meant to sit. They look quite low on the model photo but the elastic makes them naturally creep up a bit. The pockets are a good size and I like the security of the zips. The zips would be easy enough to skip if you didn’t want scratchy teeth getting in the way of your hands though.

I wish I’d made the legs longer. The annoying thing was that I had enough fabric to do it but didn’t realise until it was far too late. I usually lengthen trousers by 5cm and I don’t remember doing anything different from normal with this pattern when I traced it, so I think these must have been really short to start with.

They’re comfortable to wear but reactions tend to be along the lines of ‘they’re very …blue’. They are starting to grow on me though, and I’m excited to try them out with a grey t shirt when the weather is warm enough. So, honest opinions?

20 thoughts on “Too much blue? Burda 106 04/2017

  1. Love them in all their very blue glory. My love of bright colours knows no bounds

  2. I love them! I think the blue-on-blue is a lot, so when you try them out with a gray shirt they will be great. Also a white shirt would look good! The sweater fabric looks odd with the satin to me, but I am weird that way and by no means a fashion advisor! 🙂

  3. To my eye, it’s not the expanse of blue top and pants, it’s the shine of the satin. However I’ve not a of shine in general. I’m forever looking for matte buttons for my projects.

  4. There’s something about those two blues together–they’re not close enough to being the same shade (minus the texture/shine difference), but also not different enough to make a tonal combo, maybe? I think silver or a light gray would work great, though!

  5. I actually like the two together, and when it (finally) warms up properly, the addition of a blue and white stripe tee would be fab! (blue fan here – if you hadn’t guessed)

  6. I have to say I like them together, too. But it is a lot of shine, so it takes a certain mood to pull it off. On the other hand, it could certainly brighten a dreary grey day! I think I love the top especially though.

  7. I love it. I love blue, I love bright and I like shiny, so probably no surprise there…
    I like the contrast in colour with your yellow/orange sports shoes and I bet it looks great with black boots too.

    1. Looking at the blue of your top and the part of the pants that’s in shadow — they look pretty much spot on the same colour. Personally, I like them together. I guess we all see colour very individually and also what our computer screen gives us. Avanti! Coraggio!

  8. I love it Catherine- the mix of the matt top with the shiny bottoms makes all the difference and it sings.

  9. I really like these bold blue trousers, and with the sweater, I think it makes a perfect statement.

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