Wearing a rectangle: Vogue 1567 skirt

This is not a skirt for fading into the background in. It’s Vogue 1567, a Paco Peralta design from 2017. The original sample was made up in red satin; mine’s plain black cotton poplin, but it still brings the drama while being slightly more practical to wear than satin.

I’ve been feeling uninspired by Burda for the last few months, and Vogue’s new releases haven’t appealed either. But I do have a collection of older Vogues that I’ve never got around to making up, and this is one of them. I wish I’d got to it sooner; it turned out to be a quick and interesting project with a great result. I should say it was only quick because instead of painstakingly binding all the seam allowances according to the instructions I whizzed them through the overlocker instead.

The main feature is the origami pockets. The construction is fun to do and I can report they are actually practical for holding stuff. Nothing slips out when I sit down and they hang fairly well even when loaded. These things are important. And here’s the obligatory ‘if I spread out the pockets my skirt is really a rectangle’ shot.

The picture above also shows off what I think is the one flaw in the pattern: the skirt front is almost completely without shaping. The skirt is very slightly longer than the waistband and supposed to be eased on, but even with that there’s not a lot of stomach room and consequently my version tends to pull up at centre front. It wouldn’t be difficult to add a bit of width and a couple of darts next time though.

The back closes with an invisible zip and a hook and eye, very necessary to take the strain at the top of the zip. I made my usual Vogue size, ie one down from what the chart recommends, and that meant almost no ease in the waistband. However as the skirt is big and heavy and the waistband needs to sit at the natural waist I think that was the right choice. And talking of sizing this one runs really long. I’m 5’10”/175cm tall, I did not lengthen it at all, and the back corners are ankle length on me.

That zip gave me a hard time. I don’t know if it was a different brand to normal but it didn’t feed nicely through my invisible zip foot. I had to rip it out three times before I finally got it inserted without the skirt ending up gathered onto the zip tape. Other than that this was a remarkably painless project.

A slightly better view of the back. I’m wearing it with the top from the same pattern, of which more another time.

I’m quite tempted to make this again in a wool for winter. Thanks to my husband for the photos!

31 thoughts on “Wearing a rectangle: Vogue 1567 skirt

      1. Love the skirt in black! I made up this pattern but in a cheetah print; it’s intense especially with all the volume of the skirt😂 But I love it, and like you say the construction was seamless. You’ve reminded me to go check out my older vogues, I haven’t been feeling at all inspired recently.

  1. This looks so cool! I am also deep in the existing stash for inspiration right now – I’ve got a Burda from 2004 on the cutting table. I’m not sure if that says more about my outdated sense of style or the fact that clothing styles really haven’t change much in the past 20 years… Anyway, your skirt looks awesome! Projects like this are definitely a good reason to keep patterns around, even if you don’t get to them right away.

    1. Thanks! I feel throughly confused about fashion at the moment…I don’t want to wear most of what I see in magazines or Vogue Runway. I think a good pattern can transcend fashion though. It’s sometimes as much about colours, prints, and styling as it is about the lines. I’m looking at a lot of 80s fashion images at the moment and am loving the jewel colours with black…and slightly nauseated by the polka dots and sailor collars 🙂

  2. I had wondered if there were pockets! What a stunning skirt! It’s definitely a statement piece. I love that you carry off such a bold shape so well.

  3. This looks just great on you! I think the blue is very flattering for your coloring as well. Love it.

  4. such a beautifully unusual skirt! looks great on you and pairs so well with that gorgeous top (looking forward to reading more about it).. and i agree on burda being very uninspirational lately, haven’t bought a magazine for several months, as i haven’t seen anything i like (plus most of the designs are from older issues, dunno what’s up with that)

  5. This is a nice skirt on you. I think a wool version would work very well, although it will make the skirt drapier.

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