Change of direction

For about the last year I’ve been steadily sewing through a couple of wardrobe plans, with a bunch of pieces designed to mix and match. I rarely wear colour so I’ve been sticking to black, grey, and white so everything goes with everything. A couple of weeks ago I finished the last piece, a fairly plain black v neck top – photos to come – and started thinking about what to do next.

While I’ve made some pieces I really love from the wardrobe plans, the whole mix and match thing isn’t working as well as I expected. I don’t mix my separates up much: for each bottom I know the top that goes with it best, and rarely pair it with anything else. But it is nice not to have wardrobe orphans, so perhaps the solution is to sew outfits rather than whole wardrobes. And that has the advantage that it’s slightly easier to add a bit of colour…and after a year of grey even I’m ready to introduce some variation.

I cautiously set out with Vogue 1567, a Paco Peralta design which comprises a boat neck knit top and a dramatic skirt.

Vogue 1567 line art: a dolman sleeved top and draped skirt

Here’s the result. Dress form photos only because I haven’t had a chance to do modelled ones, but I’m really excited to wear this.

A dressform wearing a blue and black striped top and a long black skirt stands in front of a bookcase

Admittedly the skirt’s black. This is because it’s a huge fabric hog and I already had a suitable length of black poplin in my stash, but I haven’t made a coloured top for…well, I can’t actually remember.

I’m also planning a yellow dress, a green jacket, bright blue trousers. There’s a bit of white in the scheme too because it’s bright. I’m not going too overboard: the blue and green fabrics have been lurking in my stash for years.

Blue, yellow, green and white fabrics on a grey tile floor

We’ll see how long this lasts.

19 thoughts on “Change of direction

  1. I can’t wait to see the modeled photos as well. I made two versions of this Paco Peralta skirt pattern. It’s one of my absolute favourite makes to wear! I hope you get as much enjoyment from these pieces. I haven’t made the top, your striped version looks great too.

    1. Thanks! I remember reading about it, I really liked your fabric choice but wasn’t quite bold enough to try a stripe or tartan for my first version. I’m seriously tempted to do another now though.

  2. I bet you look great in this outfit. I enjoy seeing your style choices. I am short and not slim, so they are not items I could wear well, just vicariously through you!
    Your sewing is awesome, also.

  3. So fun! I think having a bit of color will be a nice change after sewing so monochromatic for a year. I bet you will also get more mix-and-match ability out of everything you’ve already made too! Good luck and have fun!

  4. Stunning outfit and I’m so excited to get to observe your adventure with color.

  5. I love my version of the Peralta skirt! It’s wool though, and it’s still linen season. I like making outfits best. Almost finished a great skirt combo, but I have temporarily disabled my blog (long story). Will post about it late November!

    1. Yes I was looking at your version when I was planning this for inspiration. I really like it paired with the leather jacket! I hope all’s well with you, and looking forward to hearing about your latest project

  6. Very excited to see colour. And what great colours you’ve chosen! I love this pattern. Haven’t made it yet. Not sure it will love me but I’m certain it will look great on you

  7. Loving your new plan Catherine! I also find myself wearing the same pairings of tops and bottoms, though I do change it up at the beginning of the next same season which makes me feel I have newness. That skirt is a great pattern isn’t it? Far too long for me and difficult to shorten but you are tall so will be fine. Looking forward to your colourful wardrobe!

  8. I love this! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to make. (Cobalt blue looks great on everyone, by the way.)

  9. Oh wow, I love all your games and puzzles. I’m jealous — I wish I had a steady game companion, but unfortunately I don’t, at the moment, anyway! And the outfit looks great too, of course.

  10. The line art for this stopped me scrolling, it looks very interesting! I’m looking forward to seeing you in them!

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