Burda 110 05/2008

Finally some modelled photos of Burda 110 05/2008, part of my current wardrobe sewing plan. The weather’s turned cooler so while I’d originally intended to wear it on its own, I’ve had to put the pleather leggings from the same plan and a t shirt underneath. And as we went to a park on the other side of town to take the photos there are creases and the pockets are laden down with hand sanitizer and the like. So this is definitely a realistic set of photos!

Here’s the line art. Note the distance between the bottom of the pockets and the hem; this is meant to be a very short dress.

Burda 110 05/2008 line art, burdastyle.ru

And compare with my version, which has come out a lot longer. I think the explanation might be that hem allowance was already included on the pattern pieces and then I added it again. Normally you have to add both seam and hem allowance to Burda magazine patterns, but sometimes when there is a feature at the hem like the drawstring casing here, or a turn up, the hem allowance (but not the seam allowance) is already included. I have checked the instructions and it doesn’t say it’s included, but every other version I’ve seen of this one is a lot shorter than mine. I’m not sure the longer length of mine is the best proportion on me, but it does make it wearable with bare legs.

For once Burda have come up with a pattern with an interesting side and back view. Those cargo pockets can hold a lot of stuff. I was a bit worried I’d made permanent shiny iron marks on the pocket corners while trying to press them but the fabric recovered very well after a steam. It’s Merchant and Mills 8oz sanded twill in Aubin grey. It’s a beautiful fabric: it has a very soft hand but is also sturdy. I’d definitely use it again. Burda’s fabric recommendation for this one is poplin which seems a bit on the lightweight side to me.

The belt loops held on with snaps look good but the back ones do occasionally unsnap themselves when getting out of a car.

I’m pleased with the collar and front zip. It was a lot of effort. Overall I’m not sure the style works for me though; the whole thing seems like it needs to be a bit crisper. Maybe I should have used poplin!

Thanks to my husband for patiently taking the photos as always.

20 thoughts on “Burda 110 05/2008

  1. What an interesting dress, I’ve enjoyed your journey. I see a hem change in it’s future and tacks on those back loops? The latter are unique, I like them! Fabric for detailed designs is a challenge. I agree poplin might be too lightweight, and I think you did well with the twill. I can almost see it in a pinwale corduroy…Looking forward to your next project!

  2. It’s a great piece and personally I think it suits you very well. I hope you love it and wear it a lot after so much work. Wouldn’t it be yummy in leather?

  3. It’s much longer than I thought… the line drawing gave me a long vest length rather than dress. I think it would look better a smidge shorter. I love the colour, the fabric, those little round rivets and the tab at the back neck.. I really like that. How’s your son’s costume going?

  4. I really like this, I think it actually looks much better as you have made it than the line art suggests. I had written this off as too short, but I prefer the length you have made it.

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