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Progress on my wardrobe plan has come to a temporary halt. After swearing I’d never be one of those parents who spends hours making costumes for children I’ve been persuaded to make my son a Ghostbusters jumpsuit. I blame Andy Day.

I’m basing it on Burda 144 1/2012. It’s an astronaut costume but really all I need is a jumpsuit pattern in his size to which I can add all the pockets and patches.

Burda 144 1/2012 line art,

And there are a lot of pockets. I thought I might get away with just chest pockets, but in fact the suit has at least six pockets and my son has observed this on his Playmobil ghostbuster figures so six it had to be. He’s also scarily observant about the type of the pockets. I’ve done zippered welt pockets (what have I become?) and he pointed out they should be patch pockets. I’ll fix that by sewing the pocket bag to the front of the garment so there is an outline. At least he’s not spotted the original has ankle zips.

The costume is going together in a less than optimal order because I only had two zips for the four zipped pockets, so I’ve sewn up as much as I can while leaving the inseams open so I can add the last two zips to the leg pockets now they’ve finally arrived. Should be finished next week. Wish me luck.

18 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. I am in awe of parents who sew costumes–it’s so much work for something that will be worn once! I would at least have him do some gardening chores in that suit afterward.

    1. Heh I’m thinking of it as getting ready for World Book Day (the scourge of parents in the UK) well in advance. There are Ghostbuster books so it totally counts.

      1. I’m in Australia and Book Day was our scourge (or at least mine) throughout my children’s primary school period! We had a lion costume that was trotted out for both my children (Aslan, Narnia, come on, it’s completely legitimate!) on multiple occasions. After the first few Book Days I became rather blase I must confess. In sharp contrast, your Ghostbusters costume is impeccable in my opinion.

      2. A lion costume sounds brilliant! I’ve just tried Ghostbusters on my kid and although I made a size up there is worryingly little growing room so I fear I’m only getting one World Book Day out of this one 🙂

  2. I laughed and laughed that your son noticed you chose the wrong pocket type. At least you know he will probably notice details in the things you make or maybe he won’t unless it’s for him. Hopefully he’ll love to wear it out and about for a while. My son loved this gladiator outfit; cape and plastic gladiator helmet and wore it everywhere for about 6 months.

  3. Impressive! The details mean everything. I’m sure those ghosts are cowering already. It’s great that he’s got a good eye. My mother always came through for me no matter how outlandish the request. The costumes were wonderful and I remember them well. I loved them at the time and felt very proud wearing them. Thanks Mom!

  4. So fun! I feel like saying “But I’ll never sew…” is an absolute way to ensure that you will definitely be sewing that exact thing at some point in the future. Hopefully your son is able to enjoy and use the costume for a while!

  5. This definitely satisfies the Rule of Cool, which is more important than rules about what to sew or not to sew! 😀 It’s gonna be great!

  6. I became the parent the other moms waited to see what my sons would be wearing for Halloween 😄 Then I started doing costumes for high school theater. I still sew for my youngest who is now into Cosplay. Your costume looks great, I predict it will be a hit!

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