Wardrobe sewing plans update

I’m still working my way through my latest wardrobe sewing plan, but I’ve made a few changes. Originally I had a very dramatic Burda coat pattern in the mix, and a top that I wasn’t quite sure about but included because it was a shortened version of one of the dress patterns so I wouldn’t have to trace another pattern.

Realistically I don’t need another coat right now, even one as fabulous as this. I’ve already got a thick winter coat, a trench, and a lighter weight jacket. I’ve got the fabric for this one in stash though, so I’ll probably make it one day.

Burda 103 03/2018 coat, burdastyle.ru

And I realised that the top isn’t something I can make work for me. It’s ok for hot weather but awkward for the rest of the year. It needs to be a top layer because of the flappy sleeves and the ties, and it would only suit me if tucked in. So that one had to go too.

Burda 102 02/2021 line art, burdastyle.ru

I’ve replaced the coat with the Closet Core Blanca jumpsuit: it’s another fairly involved project but one I suspect I’ll get more wear out of. I finished it a couple of weeks ago and have worn it a few times already.

And for the top I’ve substituted a very recent Burda design, 111 6/2021. I’ve used the model photo here because the line art doesn’t give much idea of how it looks on a body, although it’s certainly clearer about construction. The front is cut in two halves, but instead of being seamed up the middle they’re only joined at the bottom of the v neck. Both front panels extend downwards and join in a loop, which you then twist and put round your neck. I suspect Burda has styled this carefully to avoid flashing the model’s stomach. I’m planning to wear mine over another layer.

Burda 111 6/2021 model photo, burdastyle.ru

So here’s the current plan. My aim with this selection is to have things that will layer over each other. The UK is just coming off a short heatwave right now, but cold and wet is much more typical.

13 thoughts on “Wardrobe sewing plans update

  1. I have fallen in love with this blouse/jacket too, but from the other photo of it a few pages earlier where it is made with what I think is a lighter weight fabric and the ‘scarf’ drapes more elegantly. I even have the fabric for it but it is actually how the scarf looks in the striped one that has put me off making it so far.

    1. I agree the linen version looks nicer but I know in my heart I wouldn’t wear something with sleeves like that in a non stretch fabric. I’ve gone for a very drapey bamboo jersey so fingers crossed

    1. No one is as surprised as me 🙂 I think what’s working for me is that deliberately making things that go together is improving my wardrobe no end

  2. Wise pattern swaps, lovely though that coat pattern is. Really interested to see what the draping top from June’s issue will look like. How does that line drawing relate to how the top looks worn, is the dangling bit looped back around like a scarf?

    1. Yes, so I bet it’s going to show a lot of belly as soon as the model moves. Not the most practical design, I’m intending it as a cardigan substitute

  3. I made a top with waist ties with a similar kind of silhouette to the one you just nixed, using a Sew House Seven Tea House dress pattern. I found the dress to be lovely and wear it fairly often, but the top was unwearable. It didn’t go with anything, and I felt like I was wearing hospital scrubs. Somehow I never noticed that coat pattern before! Looking at the photo on the model, I realized why: you cannot see the asymmetrical detail the way they photographed it. (That makes me suspicious!) The comments about the pattern on the Russian site are hilarious, everyone is outraged at the fabric amount it calls for (up to 5m).

    1. Yeah it’s a fabric hog, and the size of the pattern pieces! I feel exhausted just looking at them in the current heatwave. Definitely better as a winter project.

  4. The 111 top is the only design I like from the June issue so I will be very interested to see your version. Light fabric with some drape is essential for it and I noticed how they made in jersey and in a lightweight woven linen.

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing these materialise. I so admire your approach to planning and executing your makes.

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