Two down, seven to go

We finally managed to get some photos of my new Burda jacket on me – thanks as always to my husband for taking the photos. I’m still figuring out how to best style it. I made it as part of a wardrobe plan, but it is only the second piece I’ve completed. The dresses and trousers I intend to go underneath currently exist only in my head. But here it is with the pleather leggings from the plan. The jacket itself is Burda 105 02/2021.

This is not a garment I reach for first thing in the morning. It comes into its own when I’ve started work for the day and realise it’s a bit chilly in the attic. It goes over almost anything and the short sleeves are surprisingly practical. I don’t suppose I’ll be wearing it in the depth of winter, although I could see the style working in a heavy wool as a wearable blanket.

Here’s the Burda line art. I always like it when people show the pattern designer’s version when I’m reading a review of a pattern, as sometimes the finished object comes out very different from how you’d expect. This one is perfectly accurate though. I chose to really play up the top stitching on my version with light grey thread. It’s mostly straight lines but even so I did have to unpick a few times because there’s no hiding a wobble with this colour.

Burda 105 02/2021 line art,

I still don’t think I’ve cracked styling this. Hopefully when I complete the rest of the plan (around Christmas, at the rate I sew) I’ll have more options.

22 thoughts on “Two down, seven to go

  1. I like it better on you than on the dress form! Is that Vogue V1410 underneath?

  2. I loved the magazine versions and your make is wonderful too. Your second photo shows off the side seam shaping so well.

  3. Love this pattern, and love your version. Contemplating how it might look in a cordruoy.

  4. You are doing so well at these capsules! I can never get far enough fast enough before something else grabs my interest. My basic rule is that it must coordinate with something I already have. If not, I must make coordinates. That having been said, that doesn’t include formal attire or formal work attire.

    1. Heh I used to have the same problem, I don’t know what changed! I don’t make anything formal these days though, I don’t often need it and I still have some much loved frocks from my early sewing days that could do with some more outings

  5. Soooo nice and, to me, so you! I didn’t see any potential for this pattern in the magazine (3/4 sleeve on a coat still puzzle me) but with yours and some other versions popping up in blogo/insta sphere I start to wonder … maybe … as suggested above in a corduroy for winter. As always kudos!

  6. That pattern info links to the Russian site — I couldn’t find the pattern in English. Did you have it via PDF and translated, or is it easy enough to figure out without instructions? It looks like I could probably do without, as long as there are no sneaky bits to parse.

    1. I use the paper magazine but happy to email you a snap of the instruction page. I can’t get on with the English language Burda sites which is why I always link to the Russian one…and I don’t speak Russian!

  7. Struggling to figure out sizing on this. What is a Sizes : 72 , 76 , 80 , 84 , 88 in US sizes (or anything that matches the size chart on the Burda page.

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