A quick repeat: Burda 112 12/2015 again

A woman  in a grey jumper and trousers

I don’t repeat a lot of patterns. I’m always making new patterns, hoping that the next one is going to make up into the amazing unicorn garment that looks perfect and is so comfortable I wear it every week for years. Burda 112 11/2015 is not quite that: my first attempt had a big tracing error, the (expensive) fabric pilled so rapidly I actually bought a sweater comb to tame it, and the fit is definitely not quite right. But it goes with almost every pair of trousers and skirt I own. It’s a very basic cropped sweater with French darts to give a bit of shaping and a statement zip for interest:

Burda 112 11/2015 line art, burdastyle.ru

The original is black sweater knit with a silver zip. I have to make an effort to stop myself reaching for it every day, it’s so easy to wear.

A woman in a black jumper and black pleated culottes

The vast majority of my wardrobe is black and grey, so a grey version seemed like a must. And although I’m also working on an entirely separate wardrobe plan it made sense to make this one first, before the weather warmed up. This time the fabric is boiled wool from Empress Mills. It’s slightly itchy, being 100% wool, but is holding up much better than the black version.

Back view of a woman with short hair wearing a grey jumper

This version has a regular hem instead of the facing I had to hastily add to the previous version when I discovered I’d cut the front far too short. I also reduced the flare at the hem. But oddly the sleeves have come out much too long this time – I really have no idea how. I’m wearing them folded up and will have to shorten them. I also think this one is too broad in the shoulders. But despite all that it’s the only thing I want to wear with my lighter coloured bottoms now. Clearly I’ll have to make a third version.

A woman with short hair wearing a grey jumper and cargo trousers , and yellow trainers

26 thoughts on “A quick repeat: Burda 112 12/2015 again

  1. I can understand why you repeated that one – it’s lovely. I particularly like the grey version

  2. I know you say the shoulders are too broad but the photos look good. Definitely looks at home with your regular style

  3. What a great pattern – and it looks fabulous – like it’s older sister! Enjoy!

  4. Ooh that’s great, and wool is always a winner. I suspect this fabric has a bit more give than the first one? I’ve had this happen with repeat patterns, made the pattern up one time and it fit fine, then made it again in a “runnier” fabric and it’s too big. I am a big fan of repeating patterns, part of the reason I started sewing! I used to buy something RTW and would wear it to bits but then could never find anything similar again. Once you find a good pattern, you can sew it as often as you wish…

    1. It’s a bit weird, it’s a heavy boiled wool so you wouldn’t think it had much stretch, but it does seem to grow. I think the fabric for the first one was probably stretchier but also had better recovery. This one’s wearing better though!

  5. Looks great. The line art shows the shoulder seam curving slightly down a bit over the upper arm. Your grey version looks the same.

    1. Hmm yes, I see what you mean. The model in the magazine is doing an awkward pose so it’s difficult to see where it really falls on her. I think when I make this again I’ll try to bring the shoulder in.

  6. I loved your black version – I can see why you’ve made a second. Actually I really liked the length of the black version even if it wasn’t necessarily intentional. What colour is next, or will it be another black one?

  7. I loved this as soon as I saw the first picture. This is a great shape for you and the grey version with the light grey trousers works brilliantly.

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