Sewing with a plan post mortem: part four

The fourth part of my wardrobe sewing plan review. This week I’m looking at combinations involving the cocoon trousers, Burda 106 02/2020. Here are the line drawings of all the patterns used.

First with the white blouse, Burda 105 04/2018. Maybe I should have tried this tucked in. The proportions seem a bit wrong, and a strongly contrasting top and bottom rarely work for me. The whole outfit just seems to be lacking something.

Next with the black Burda blouse, 113 02/2010. I think this combination just about works when the shirt is tucked in but I go back and forth on it. I have worn this look quite a lot at home but I don’t have any shoes that go with it! I need some chunky short flat boots. The ones I’m wearing in the picture have a wedge heel and just aren’t right. The trainers in the previous outfit might be better.

I wasn’t expecting the trousers to work well with the Vogue 1347 big shirt, but actually I really like this combination. I’m tall enough to get away with wearing a lot of volume.

And finally with the short Burda sweater, 112 11/2015. This one is definitely the winner. The shorter length of the top works much better with the high waisted trousers than the longer tops do.

These trousers have been in high rotation ever since I finished them. They’re very comfortable to wear and the pockets are roomy. I like the subtle detail of the light coloured top stitching too. I just wish I could find the right shoes for wearing them out of the house!

15 thoughts on “Sewing with a plan post mortem: part four

  1. The pants work much better with the funnel neck sweater or tucked in shirt to my eye. I can see why they are favourite pants.

  2. I had to take another close look at the line art and they are perfect to knock off Oska pants – I think I will break down for the pdf as I don’t have this issue.

  3. It is rather difficult to find shoes that work with tapered pants, compared to slightly flared “boot cut” ones. The latter seem to work with almost anything, and the former, with almost nothing. I usually end up wearing my ‘banana pants’ with combat boots or riding boots, something that covers the ankle and has a chunky heel. I agree that the funnel neck sweater is the best! If I may offer a humble and unsolicited opinion, this goes for most of the combos in this series; the length ratio between the shorter top and the bottoms is just right–not sure if it’s because of your build or just a general effect. (I saw an article in Threads recently that argued it was a general thing…

    1. I suspect I’m going to have to get my hands on some combat boots. The proportion thing is interesting, thanks for the link. Although I wonder if it varies over time, depending on where the fashionable waistline is. I’m certainly not ready for the return of ultra low rise jeans 🙂

  4. Love the trousers 😍, and the short Burda sweater seems to be the winner with all the wardrobe pieces! Vogue 1347 is just so awesome, but not having your height I’d have to go with super slim pants. (And not be busy in the kitchen, lolol.) On you it looks fab with everything!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it’s not great for any sort of housework. But i wore it to get my vaccination this weekend and it was very convenient to have such wide sleeves 🙂

  5. Love these trousers. They certainly need a more cropped style top. What about the Kalle shirt?

  6. I love those trousers – agree that tucked in is the way to go. I made similar ones from The Cutting Line’s “Discover Something Novel” pattern and found that a plain flat shoe works best – something that doesn’t draw attention because the pants draw enough attention on their own!

  7. These trousers are wicked! Love them with the black shirt and the black jersey top – why didn’t I see these in the magazine… *dashing off with tracing paper in hand*

  8. The trousers are so cool! I especially love them with the sweater top and the black button front shirt. They look like they would be super comfortable to wear too!

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