Sewing with a plan post mortem: part 2

On with reviewing the success (or not!) of my wardrobe sewing plan. This week I’m looking at combinations involving the pleated culottes, Burda 108 07/2018. Here are all the line drawings, now updated to include the two patterns I substituted.

Here are the culottes with the black blouse, Burda 113 02/2010. I think this works as an outfit but it’s not entirely me; at least not with these shoes. To my eye it’s too formal and has a bit of a vintage vibe. Substituting chunky boots or trainers might make it more modern. I think it could also go in the librarian-chic direction with an interesting necklace and handbag, but that’s definitely not me! The pointy cuffs and collar harmonise well with with the pleats though.

Next with the white blouse, Burda 105 04/2018. This blouse is slightly softer with the puffed lower sleeve but still has the geometric darts at centre front. I think the heels and jewellery help the look. Maybe a bit Carolina Herrera, or am I kidding myself? But much as I love her style, it’s not me either. White is definitely more flattering to the complexion than black though!

With the black cropped sweater, Burda 112 11/2015 and big boots. This looks much more modern. It’s weighty rather than the previous two somewhat dainty combinations. Despite the cropped sweater there’s no real waistline; I think if the sweater was a little shorter still it would change the feel a lot. I like this one a lot and have worn it a few times.

With the Vogue 1347 linen overshirt with the dangling appliqued bands and the boots again. It was a cold day so I’m wearing the shirt over a high necked wool t-shirt.

And below with a better view of the bands.

This one is a lot of look, what with the bands and the pleats, but it’s my favourite. Lots of straight lines.

I also wear the culottes with my black wool jersey t shirt and my grey kimono style cardigan. They seem to go with a wide variety of shoes as well.

The downside about these is that they need a lot of ironing. Although I edge stitched the pleat folds down they still need a good press after washing to make them sharp.

I can’t see myself making these again, at least until this pair wears out, because of the high maintenance requirements. But they are very versatile and I really enjoy wearing them.

Thanks to my husband for the photos.

15 thoughts on “Sewing with a plan post mortem: part 2

  1. Those culottes are my favorite thing from this batch, bravo! They certainly made me want to make something similar. Too bad they wrinkle. Perhaps a wool blend would have made a less finicky garment? And I love the last combo, very samurai.

  2. I love what you are doing and always read your blog. I’ve been meaning to chime in sooner. I’m finding a lot of inspiration here!

  3. I really like culottes and my favourite look is the first photo. The last look is a tricky look, wearing volume over volume. I hear you about the ironing. Winter chill has left here and I can start wearing some of my viscose dresses and my denim Tencel dress- but what a chore ironing them. On the other hand I find ironing linen a meditative act, almost, even though it will have some wrinkles within minutes of putting it on.

  4. Love the first! But I think the sweater looks fantastic too. Great job getting this plan done. I keep getting sidetracked…

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