Sewing top fives: hits

I’m continuing to sew my way through my wardrobe plan. And this week all I’ve got to show is a pile of black linen pieces that’s supposed to become a shirt eventually. I can barely see to sew it, let alone photograph it. So the appearance of the Sewcialists’ annual Top Five blog series is a welcome distraction.

The first prompt is Hits: the best or most worn things you’ve made this year. I don’t think mine are exactly either: they’re the things that make me feel good every time I wear them.

First up is Burda 121 04/2020. This is a very unusually drafted top – the front and back pattern pieces are identical – that I made more on a whim than anything. It was a quick sew and used up some fabric that had been sitting in my stash for years. I wasn’t expecting to wear it much. And yet I find myself reaching for it frequently. Even in winter I’m still wearing it over a long sleeved t shirt.

Keeping the casual theme, my silver drawstring trousers have also been a winner. I made them at a point where weight fluctuations meant most of my existing clothes didn’t fit. It felt so good to have something to wear that didn’t need constant adjusting. The pattern is a Ralph Rucci and has the incredible level of finishing you get on his designs. I didn’t sew all the fancy details it called for, but they still feel luxurious.

Next up more trousers: my Burda flared jeans. These were another slightly experimental project. The shape came out very exaggerated; I was slightly concerned I might look like I’m on my way to a 70s fancy dress party. But it turned out that I love them. It’s not just the style but the fabric (Empress Mills 7.5oz premium denim) which is nicely black, has just the right amount of stretch, and amazing recovery. No baggy knees here.

The next one appears much less practical: my Burda pleated culottes. Admittedly they aren’t something to wear if it’s raining as they turn into a heavy damp mess. But on a dry day they’re a lot of fun. I like the fact that the style mixes femininity and toughness.

But last and best is my silver quilted coat. Yes it’s the same fabric as the drawstring trousers. And I have on occasion accidentally left the house wearing both together. But this gets worn most days so that’s not surprising. It’s not waterproof but is thick enough to cope with ordinary rain, and it’s very warm. The colour’s good for visibility after dark too.

So that’s it for my top five hits: next up are the misses.

9 thoughts on “Sewing top fives: hits

  1. Love the top at the top particularly; odd how sometimes the makes with the least investment turn out the most satisfying. The coat makes me think of David Bowie, not sure why…but I miss him.

  2. So glad the coat that took so much effort has turned into a top hit! Sometimes when something is such a slog I am tired of it before I can even wear it and it languishes in the closet. I also think all your hits are hits because they’re so -you-. The t-shirt is unusual, the drawstring pants are silver.. Thanks for being such an inspiration in constancy

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean about being sick of a big project by the end. Lockdown probably helped in that I had to put the coat away for a few weeks, not being allowed out, and then it looked fresh when things opened up.

  3. Glad to see that next to inspiring us all you also get something wearable out it. It looks like a designer collection =] have you ever designed your own garments? Or thought about it?

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