Unusual jeans pockets

I’m making flared 70s style jeans right now. The inspiration for these came from a weird coincidence. I bought the April 2009 issue of Burda off eBay to fill in a gap in my collection, and when it arrived style 118 caught my eye.

Technical drawing of Burda 118 04/2009 flared jeans with front patch pockets
Burda 118 04/2009 flared jeans with front patch pockets, burdastyle.ru

It has a definite resemblance to these Dior jeans which I’d just seen featured in a big glossy ad in a recent issue of Vogue. Something about these really attracted me, although I have to say I wouldn’t pair them with a matching denim sleeveless jacket.

Flared cotton jeans, Dior.com

Well I was looking for an interesting trouser pattern to go with a piece of black denim I have, and the Burda pattern has excellent reviews, so it had to be done. The pockets on the Dior jeans are much larger and lower than on the Burda style, but the basic lines are much the same. Both are high waisted with back darts instead of a yoke. The Burda has turn-ups and the Dior has an ordinary jeans hem. I think the Dior waistband is wider, and it has additional patch pockets on the back. It’s possibly also baggier in the thigh area.

Luckily the Dior site had some good photos of the style laid flat which give a good idea of the size, shape, and placement of the pockets. Here are the back ones.

Flared jeans, Dior.com

And here’s where I’ve got to so far.

That’s the really fiddly part done…just need to sew up the seams and put the waistband and belt loops on now. I’m probably keeping the turn-ups from the Burda style too. Maybe next week I’ll have something finished to show.

15 thoughts on “Unusual jeans pockets

  1. Nice pockets. This style looks very similar to an old 1970s Butterick pattern I have with its patch pockets on the front and back and the darts at the back. Must say they are my favourite jeans.

  2. The Dior back pockets have a seam/pleat/? in line with a seam across the rear. Any idea what that is?

  3. Me again. One Dior picture has the seam/whatever centered and another has it on the outside seam.

  4. Love the details, and the perfect topstitching! Fun fact: wearing jeans and a matching jean jacket is, in local parlance, a Canadian snowsuit, or so my DD’s inform me! 🙂

  5. Cool! I’ve made this pattern about half a dozen times, and just LOVE the width of the hem! I must add that I needed to take around 8cm out of the length, but I have a feeling that won’t be a problem for you!! I never did make a denim pair though…

    1. You’re right about the length…I didn’t need to add anything! I’ve just hemmed them and am really pleased with them. Definitely one of Burda’s best.

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