Virtuous sewing: Burda 120 12/2018

I announce a grand plan to sew a mix and match wardrobe for myself, and then my very next post is about a project that’s not on the list. But I haven’t deviated from the plan yet (that’ll doubtless come later) because this one was sewn a couple of weeks ago. It’s Burda 120 12/2018, a hoodie for my husband.

I made this up once before and found it ran a little small. I sized up for this version and it is a much better fit.

It’s very satisfying bashing the eyelets into place with a hammer, and the finish definitely improves with practice.

The fabric is a grey poly fleece from Tia Knight. It’s tricky to photograph! The one below gives the best idea of the colour.

And now back to sewing the wardrobe. The pleated culottes are nearly done and the 70s flared trousers are next up!

2 thoughts on “Virtuous sewing: Burda 120 12/2018

  1. That looks great! I also found that Burda’s men’s pattern sizing runs small. It was surprising because women’s definitely does not.

    1. Thanks! I do wonder if some of the size weirdism is to do with design ease. My other half prefers more ease in his clothes than I do and the ‘right’ size fitted him, but he finds the bigger one nicer to wear.

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