Child’s silver bomber jacket: Burda 133 4/2017

Normally the person wearing silver clothes in this household is me. But not this little jacket. This is for my pre-school aged son. One of his heroes is Andy Day, the lead singer of Andy and the Oddsocks, who wears a silver bomber jacket on stage. My son was rummaging through my fabric box and found a piece of silver foiled lycra exactly like the fabric Andy’s jacket is made from, so it had to be done.

The pattern is Burda 133 04/2017, somewhat simplified. No way was I making welt pockets in stretchy lycra fabric.

Technical drawing of Burda 133 04/2017
Burda 133 04/2017 technical drawing,

It’s fully lined in white mesh fabric. Seems like overkill for a costume but the lycra is pretty flimsy. I ended up bagging the lining so no hand sewing required.

Inserting the zip looked like it might be a challenge. I used strips of interfacing along the front opening and sewed really carefully. It’s come out quite well.

But I’m kicking myself for not trimming the seams closely enough around the collar. I could open the lining back up and fix it…but I won’t. And I didn’t top stitch the zip either.

Back view for completeness. I’m pleased with the colour of the ribbing against the silver. The ribbing and the zip had to be bought online and colours are always a bit of a gamble when you do that, but this time it worked out.

Incidentally I think there is a mistake in the pattern for the ribbing pieces. The measurements given in the magazine for the cuff piece are far too small; you’d have to stretch it an amazing amount to get it into the sleeve. Luckily I noticed when tracing, and made them quite a bit longer. Other than that it’s a good pattern. And I swear Burda’s instructions are better than they used to be. I had no problems making this up.

I’m very pleased with how it came out. But despite measuring my son and making a size up from what I thought he needed, it’s still only just big enough. I swear they grow when you’re not looking.

This isn’t our first Andy homage. Previously we made the Gizmo prop from his TV show Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures…and then we made the one from Andy’s Wild Adventures too. I just need Andy to branch out into literature now, as that way I’d have the dreaded World Book Day costume covered well in advance.

16 thoughts on “Child’s silver bomber jacket: Burda 133 4/2017

  1. My son and I are big Andy Day fans too, we saw him live a few years ago. So much fun, and such a witty lyricist. I am also a massive fan of this jacket. I would be tempted to make one myself but the thought of dealing with all that lycra… Great job, it’s a fab jacket.

    1. Yes, I find myself humming his songs at work! We were supposed to be seeing him in May but it’s been postponed to 2021. I hear they’re planning to make season 2 of Andy and the Band though which is good news.

  2. Oh gee this is so super cute! You did such a great job. . When you make kids stuff there is a real balance of time and effort to wearing time opportunity. But the appreciation is worth the effort.

  3. How wonderful to have Book day covered in advance, hope it still fits. My kits went as Aslan using out lion cape many a time 🙂 Great end result with the jacket using a difficult fabric.


    1. I expect it will happen by pure accident at some point! The other day I realised I’d gone out in a coat and trousers both made from the same grey denim…oops

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