Silver trousers again: Vogue 1347

Work on the Merchant and Mills Strides trousers continues. But here’s a trouser pattern I recently finished instead.

Long time readers of this blog know I have a thing for silver trousers. I usually have at least one pair in my wardrobe and they get a lot of wear. Recently I’ve changed shape – I lost weight while sick – and my clothes no longer fit. Things should return to normal soon but in the meantime I need some trousers that don’t fall down. Enter the bottoms from Vogue 1347, wide leg trousers with a drawstring waist. No link to the pattern because this one is out of print, although it’s often available second hand on eBay and Etsy. Here’s the line drawing.

Vogue 1347 line drawing, McCalls

The lines of the trousers are pretty simple but this is a Ralph Rucci designer pattern so the finishing is amazing. If you followed the pattern instructions closely you’d get an absolutely exquisite garment: fully lined without an exposed seam allowance anywhere. I’m afraid I didn’t bother with the lining at all, and my seam allowances are finished with the overlocker. I’ve never seen such comprehensive instructions for lining trousers with a fly front anywhere else though, so I may come back to the pattern in future just for that.

I always find things drop out of inseam pockets on trousers so I added zips to mine. And I couldn’t be bothered to make a long skinny drawstring out of self fabric so mine is an acrylic cord. The fabric itself is Lady McElroy Uttoxeter, a black and white tonic twill that looks silver from a distance. It’s no longer available anywhere I’ve looked but this particular piece came from Sherwoods Fabrics.

And now the obligatory back view, because this is a sewing blog after all. I’m standing up straighter than I usually would which I think explains the folds. They have plenty of room anyway, and would even if I was at my normal size. I normally need to go up one size for the hips in most sewing pattern size charts, but this pattern has so much ease built in I didn’t bother when I traced it. I added 5cm to the length, as I usually do with Vogue, and they’ve come out just above floor length which is perfect. The hem allowance is a huge 8cm so there is a lot of wiggle room even without lengthening the pattern but I wanted to be sure to have a deep hem.

I’m really pleased with these. They are a lovely shape and I like that they have a proper fly front despite the adjustable waist; it makes me feel slightly more dressed up. And it’s so nice to have something that fits.

Thanks to my husband for the photos.

18 thoughts on “Silver trousers again: Vogue 1347

    1. Awww thanks, that’s very sweet of you! I blame being allowed to watch Blake’s Seven at an impressionable age…June Hudson is a genius and I suspect her designs warped me for life.

  1. Nice pants. Such an interesting jacket- had to look up the pattern to see more details about it. The Vogue designer patterns have such amazing finishing details.

    1. Thanks! I think I’ll make the jacket too at some point, in grey linen. The Ralph Rucci patterns are amazing. Sadly I don’t suppose we’ll see any more from Vogue even though he’s started designing clothes again lately; they seem to be winding down the designer collaborations.

  2. These do look fab! Not everyone can pull off silver bottoms, but you definitely can. Also, pandemic=elastic/string waistband for the win, in either weight change direction.

    Re: linings, I’ve worn RTW lined pants (trousers to you Brits 😉 ) and never enjoyed it–too sweaty. Americans tend to overheat indoor spaces, so any lined garment is a gamble unless the lining is some breathable fiber, which of course it usually is not in RTW I can afford. I have, however, ogled with envy flannel-lined jeans that some companies wear, and it might be a garment I would replicate in the future.

  3. You always wear silver so well! And this is a beautiful version of this pattern, which I also have, languishing in stash. I really like your idea of adding zips to the pockets.

    I do hope you are on the mend. I read above that the underlying issue has been resolved, which I am very glad to hear. Here’s to a full return to robust health!

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