Vogue 1466 modelled photos

Vogue 1466 jacket in black boiled wool

Here’s another project I finished during lockdown and didn’t get modelled photographs of until now. This is the jacket from out-of-print Vogue 1466, a Donna Karan design. Boringly I made it in the same colour as the designer original, although I think the Donna Karan fabric is woven (wool melton) and mine is a stable knit (boiled wool). Here’s the pattern envelope photo.

Vogue 1466 envelope photo
Vogue 1466 envelope photo, McCalls

And my terrible photo of the line art from the back of the envelope, because by the time I went looking for that the pattern had long since vanished from the McCalls site.

Photo of Vogue 1466 line art from back of envelope
Vogue 1466 line art from back of envelope, McCalls, my photo

I made this as a warm layer for wearing at work, because the room I work in at home is much colder than the rest of the house.

The back is very plain indeed.

But there’s all sorts going on at the front between the asymmetric closure, the pockets, and the collar tab. The pockets should be double welts not single but I couldn’t make it work with my very thick fabric.

I had to add an extra snap to the front to get it to not gape at the waist if I don’t stand up perfectly straight. The model on the pattern envelope is wearing a belt so doesn’t have that problem and all the runway pictures I could find had belts too. I tried mine with a belt but prefer it like this because there is a ton of ease at the waist and it looks a bit bulky when pulled in.

I noticed Donna Karan did some variations on this style with various bits of embellishment on the sleeves which looked very nice, but definitely not everyday wear.

I doubt this is going to get worn much until the weather cools down but I think I’ll be very glad of it in the autumn. I keep reading about how we’re all dressing super casually now thanks to coronavirus but it doesn’t seem to be true for me. I like putting an outfit together even if no one is going to see it other than my husband and son. On which note, thanks again to my husband for taking the pictures and managing to capture detail in black boiled wool…not easy. Although the high quality pictures did make me realise just how tired the skirt I’m wearing here has become (also Vogue, 8956 but out of print so no link). I’ve carefully edited out the shots where the sad saggy hem is visible. Going to have to either fix that one or remake it this year.

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      1. Face pain can still be bad- quite unpredictable. Taping my cheek helps a bit, but it can be very uncomfortable at night. Most of the paralysis that was affecting my sight has eased, so I may get the optician to re-check me soon. No sewing mojo whatsoever though- my sewing table is now a dumping ground for all th stuff I had to clear from my classroom

      2. Glad to hear the eyesight is improving, bummer about the rest 😦 Not surprised you’re not in the mood for sewing. Here’s hoping for improvement soon, sending virtual hugs (if you want them!)

  1. Interestingly someone I follow on Instagram has also just made up this jacket, also in boiled wool but blue this time. She skipped the pockets altogether. I do find this pattern so interesting and tempting.

  2. I really love this jacket, think it would be amazing in so many fabrics. Maybe a bold print, something I feel the need for lately. No belt seems the right choice, then the architecture of the jacket isn’t hidden. Another lovely make. Good for you trying to keep some normal by continuing to make the effort with dressing daily.

  3. Your jacket is very handsome and the single welt for the pocket looks perfect. Good choice. The jacket suits you very well. You’ll be lovely and cozy in your cool room. Well done. Brava!

  4. wow – that looks fantastic on you!
    you sew the most interesting clothes…
    really admire your skill with these complicated patterns, too.
    🙂 Chris

  5. Excellent jacket! I was always wondering why I had never seen anyone make it, it looks so modern. I’m considering making one right now, in denim. I’ve had the pattern for years.

  6. Very professional looking. I like the sleek fit and all the subtle details in the front.

  7. Another lovely garment. Kudos to you for even attempting the double self pockets in a thick fabric.
    I’m impressed that you’re still dressing during lockdown. I’m afraid I’ve become very lazy and degenerated to slipping about clothes.

  8. Wow beautiful sewing Catherine! Love all the little details in this, especially the collar. You’ve made a really nice fabric choice too, the texture of the boiled wool really adds something

  9. Your makes are never boring! To me, they are sophisticated and elegant and you wear them well!

  10. I love it! The style looks super architectural and cool, and the sewing looks really precise. It has been so hot where I am I can’t imagine wearing jackets right now, but I agree – I think it’ll be really amazing in the fall!

    1. Thanks! Yes it’s gone super hot in the UK now too, but probably won’t last much longer. I have to keep reminding myself there is no point sewing any more summer clothes now, they won’t get more than one or two wears this year.

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