Remember this? Burda 114 11/2019 quilted coat modelled photos

This was going to be my new winter coat. Only I didn’t finish sewing it until after lockdown started and we were only allowed out for really essential things – blog photos definitely didn’t count! Things have eased up a bit now.

The pattern is Burda 114 11/2019, made up in an unusual black and white tonic fabric that reads as silver at a distance. It’s a Lady McElroy fabric called Uttoxeter, but I don’t think they’re making it any more because it’s not been available anywhere I’ve looked lately. It’s a shame because it’s lovely fabric and it’s my favourite colour. I went back and bought the end of the roll from the company that supplied me with the first lot, so I still have some in stash for future projects.

I haven’t had many chances to wear this yet but so far it’s proved quite practical. And it looks like I’d imagined it which is a bonus. It’s very roomy and the pockets are nice and deep. It’s warm too, although I’ll have to wait for winter to see if it completely replaces my long wool coat.

I’m glad to finally get photos of this project on me. It feels like it’s finally finished, after almost six months. Thanks to my husband for braving the park in the rain to take them.

32 thoughts on “Remember this? Burda 114 11/2019 quilted coat modelled photos

  1. I love that coat on you. You did a great job and the many rows of stitching on the bottom really elevate it I think. You should be very pleased.

  2. It turned out so well. And you will be ready when cooler weather arrives. I’m in winter at the moment and my daily walks (a reason to go out) are in a cheap puffer jacket. This pattern would make an ideal replacement for next winter.

  3. I didn’t really like the magazine photo, but this one! Love 😍 seeing versions of the patterns is awesome for inspiration, and sometimes the magazine photo is enough (making the 115 5/2020 in almost exactly the same shade of olive). Your coat is truly you and a masterpiece!

    1. Thanks! I confess I didn’t like the fabric Burda did their version in at all, although did you see the much shorter black velvet one? Much nicer.

  4. i love it, it looks so light and so cosy, and I love the versitilty of it.the stitching at the hem really gives a great detail, looks so your style too

  5. What a beautiful and amazing winter coat. The quilting looks so good, and the ‘design’ choices you made are spot on. Gorgeous!

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