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This blog waxes and wanes, but of late I’ve been managing to post consistently every week. I can’t say I’ve made a lot of progress on my jacket project since my last post though. I’ve made the welt pockets…which is basically step one of the pattern. Not a single construction seam has been sewn. I haven’t even made the darts.

The pockets are nice, though. Admittedly from the outside they aren’t the greatest welt pockets I have ever made. Slightly uneven welt, and the ends are a bit squashed.

Single welt pocket in black boiled wool

But the insides are gorgeous. The pattern instructions (Vogue 1466, an out of print Donna Karan design) include a new-to-me technique that makes the pocket bag end up french seamed. Not an untidy or even overlocked edge in sight. I’m not normally one to care about beautifying the inside of a garment, but this jacket is unlined so the pocket bags are going to be seen. I’ll have to go through with the Hong Kong finish the pattern recommends on all the other seams now, simply in order not to let the pocket bags down.

French seamed pocket bag

Anyway I imagine anyone who’s still reading has heard more than enough about welt pockets by now. I also wanted to share a couple of links to blogs I’ve enjoyed reading lately.

Some Use Some Wear is a blog about the evolution of a wardrobe. It’s not a sewing blog, but I enjoy it because the author talks about the stories behind her clothes.

The other one isn’t a single blog – it’s a whole series of blogs about creating incredibly screen-accurate Doctor Who cosplays. They aren’t being updated any more but there’s a huge amount of reading material in the archives. Even if you’re not into Doctor Who, the process the author goes through to source authentic fabrics and develop accurate patterns is fascinating. He covers several of the classic and new series Doctors. My favourite is his Fourth Doctor costume blog and all the others are linked from there.

18 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. The designer patterns have such beautiful finishing details if you are willing to put the time and efforts into them. Had an Issey Miyake pants pattern with similar pocket finishing. Unfortunately never able to wear them as it was the first detail to make – a welted side pocket, I think and then the bag made like this – too small for my hips and no way to fix – they would have been the best fitting pants I ever had. Those sound like interesting blogs to check out.

  2. that looks great. I am obsessed with all the Donna Karan patterns, I could easily limit myself to just those patterns for the rest of my life and make a wardrobe I love. In fact I must restrain myself from looking on Ebay or I would buy them all 🙂

  3. I like the bits and pieces blog posts. It takes us back to the beginning of blogging when that was how we communicated about sewing. The pockets are amazing and I’m sure by leveling up with the Hong Kong seaming on the jacket you’re going to be very happy with it!

  4. Wow, that pocket is beautiful. Well done! And thanks for the links, incredible all the detective work he does, and the jackets, coats and waistcoats are really nicely done! I wouldn’t mind one of the velvet ones… Awesome to see people with the passion to have lining fabric woven to their specifications!

  5. Thanks for reading and sharing my blog! I definitely didn’t expect I would find a lot of readers when I started writing, but I really appreciate the kind words and feedback.

    PS: You are so talented – I wish I could sew as well as you!

  6. Beauty in a pocket or two! And I too like posts about bits and pieces – we, the readers, can follow through the process of construction with you. Nice and inclusive.

    Beauty in well found new sources of reading too – thank you!

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