Burda 121 04 2020

Burda 121 04/2020 draped t-shirt

Burda 121 04 2020

This top was a very quick sew. A bit of gathering, four seams, and four hems. It is Burda 121 04/2020 – it’s not often I make up a Burda pattern in the same month the magazine is dated. I am not first off the mark though – check out Sonja’s stylish all black version. And here is Burda’s version.

The cut is unusual, with the same pattern piece used for both front and back. This sort of thing can be very hit or miss in my experience. I’ve made similar designs from the Japanese Drape Drape books and they’ve either become firm favourites or never been worn at all – there is one Drape Drape t shirt I have tackled three times without producing a wearable garment yet. But this Burda one does work. I’ve worn it twice already.

It’s not completely perfect. The problem area is the neckline, which is too tight for a cowl neck and too loose for a boat neck. It doesn’t seem to know quite where to sit. Mine tends to fall backwards and so I end up showing off a bit of back.

Burda 121 04 2020

I sewed this entirely on the sewing machine. If you’re super accurate you could use an overlocker for the construction seams, but I’m not and there didn’t seem to be any point setting it up just to finish the seams in a completely non fraying fabric. I even did the hems on the sewing machine with a twin needle. I haven’t had great success with that in the past but this time I added a bit of lightweight knit interfacing to the edges which helped a lot.

The proportions aren’t quite what I was expecting, although I like them. Burda only shows it on a seated model where it appears to stop around the hip bone. It’s definitely longer than that on me. I made my usual length adjustments so possibly this one just comes up long.

Burda 121 04 2020

I don’t think I’m likely to make this again – it’s perfect for the current warm weather but I certainly don’t need two of them. It’s a great little pattern though. It could easily be adjusted to have full length sleeves or even lengthened into a minidress.

Burda 121 04 2020

23 thoughts on “Burda 121 04/2020 draped t-shirt

  1. It looks very useful Catherine, although I can see why the neckline might bug you. I really like the effect the pattern cutting has on the stripes 😁

  2. It looks fab. The type of shirt I like. I made a similar one from a previous burda issue, can’t remember which one though.

  3. Looks great on you. Could you dart the current back neckline, or take it in in some way? Some how I need to find my sewjo. Been working on a more complex shirt… perhaps a simpler item for these complex times…

    1. Good idea, thanks! I think it should be easy to adjust. It was nice to make such a quick and easy pattern after the coat making, and now I feel ready to tackle something more involved. I guess we just need to mix it up from time to time!

  4. so glad to see this sewn up as the example in the magazine intrigued me. Looks great and the stripes are such a good choice.

    1. Thanks! I originally thought stripes were the only option for this, but I really liked the solid version I linked so if the right knit comes along who knows!

  5. I like the idea of this t-shirt so much (I do like the Japanese Drape Drape books), but it was the only pattern that spoke to me from the April Burda, so sadly I didn’t buy this edition. I like the way the stripes work on it, really unusual. Pity about the neckline, but I’m sure it would be an easy fix.

      1. I agree it is the pick of the bunch. Been thinking about that myself. Also like that they have a Фотофорум (Photoforum) still, with community makes on it. Why doesn’t the American or English have that anymore?

  6. Very cool top. I tried making something similar from a Japanese pattern and it was a flop. What does the technical drawing look like?

  7. Your top came out great! Does the fabric also have some shine or is that just my screen? Either way the fabric was a great choice. For the back neckline maybe some interfacing could solve the gaping? Perhaps the interfacing strips that have a running stitch to prevent stretching… enjoy the sunny weather in your new top!

  8. You’re version looks great. The stripes are working very well. The finished length was something that was hard to estimate based on the pattern piece. I had the same problem with the length so I made my version about 5 centimeter shorter to have a fit that suited me more. I also added some light weighted stretch interfacing after a day wearing to give the neckline some support and will keep it’s shape better at the back.

  9. Frivolous sewing always helps particularly when it turns out so well. I’m not so good at complex sewing so welcome (briefly) to my world lol. And I too really like the top and its asymmetry and am looking forward to being able to buy the mag when it is available here.

  10. A sewing friend made it and I really like it (and have a wide stripe olive & cream knit that would be perfect!) but I tend to run far away from patterns that use the same front and back pattern piece. I have to think on this one a bit. I love all the versions I’ve seen…but I know that back neckline would annoy me.

    Love the fabric you chose!!!

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