Anticlimax? Burda 114 11/2019 finished

It doesn’t look much different from the pictures in the last couple of posts, but my Burda 114 11/2019 quilted coat is finally finished.

The big change since last time is that new vertical line of top stitching down the front. It’s sewn right at the end, through all the layers, and goes from level with the top of the zip right to the hem. This holds the lining and facing in place – there was no need to understitch the lining on that side of the zip at all! And if you recall it was my attempt to understitch which led to the whole thing getting jammed in the sewing machine. I should have just followed Burda’s instructions in the first place.

I haven’t been able to get modelled photos yet. This has been such an involved project that I really want to do them in a location that’s more interesting than my back garden, but as we all know that won’t be possible for a while yet. But I do have some detail shots.

The closure has a zip and snaps too. No wind is going to sneak through that front opening.

Sewing on the snaps seemed to take forever. They’ve come out neater than I usually manage. Maybe I’m getting the hang of hand sewing at last.

The zip is two way but I’m not entirely sure it needs to be. There’s plenty of room even with the zip done right up.

At the moment I can’t quite believe I’ve finally finished it. It’s come out pretty much how I imagined it, but I’m completely unable to judge how successful it is as a garment because I’m not likely to have an opportunity to wear it until next winter now. And I’m very conscious of the less than perfect bits. It feels bit weird after all that effort. I’m hoping I’ll be delighted and surprised with it when I pull it out of the wardrobe in October.

40 thoughts on “Anticlimax? Burda 114 11/2019 finished

  1. It looks fabulous! I often put things that I’ve made in the wardrobe for a bit before I wear them. Maybe I need to consider them! Love your posts

  2. It’s looking fantastic. Takes loads of patience to create such an involved piece.

  3. Congratulations. Job well done. I am sure next year in your winter you will enjoy this coat very much.

  4. I love it. You need to be very pleased. The zip and snaps look so well done. I can’t wait to see it on. I love that you can wait to put up photos of you wearing it.

  5. It looks so great! I am sure you will enjoy it when you get it out in the autumn – let us know!

  6. Looks wonderful. I hope your eye won’t be drawn to the less than perfect parts when you can wear it in the fall.

  7. It turned out amazing. So neat and tidy, will be great in a blizzard. Too bad you probably have to wait to test it out, but it will be there waiting when needed. Truly enjoyed watching the progress.

  8. Fabulous coat and worth all your efforts from fabric samples to sewing samples!

  9. Love the finished result. Your patience and workmanship is impressive with this project!

  10. It looks super, and try not to point any little faults to anyone, they need never know. It will be interesting to see what you work on next.

  11. Before you put your wonderful, beautiful, chic, edgy coat away until the Autumn season, please let us see a few pictures of you wearing said beast.

  12. What a wonderful coat! No anticlimax at all–at least for those of us following along. It’s a pleasure to see this classy, beautifully-made coat in the midst of the virus craziness. Let art and craft prevail!

  13. I don’t have to wait until October – I’m already surprised and delighted with it! This has been an incredible project from the very early planning details all the way through to this work of art. Honestly I would have given up at a few stages, or maybe made a completely useless giant silver pillow. I love the shape of the collar, the gigantic snaps, and especially the extra rows of quilting – a perfect example of when a mistake becomes a designer touch.

  14. Very nice! I have a similar cocoon shape style parka by tommy hilfiger with 2-way zip and it’s totally fine – sometimes I open it from the lower end, when it’s warm. Great job 👍

  15. Oh wow! Next Fall when you pull this out of the closet, you are going to be DAZZLED 🙄

  16. Looks spectacular! Great job! We all will want to see a lot of photos with you modeling it.

  17. Not at all anticlimaxic! Your new coat and your work[wo]manship is impressive. It’s a beautiful coat and smart call on the zipper.

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