Quilting fix

Well I for one need a distraction from external events right now, so I’m going to keep on blogging about my coat, trivial though it is.

Thanks so much for all the advice and support about my quilting error. In the end I decided to go with susew’s idea of repeating the quilting lines close together down to the hem. I really liked the idea of doing the double line on the sleeves but I didn’t want to unpick the sleeve seams and I didn’t think I’d get it sewn without the layers shifting if I sewed it in the round. The new hem quilting lines aren’t entirely flat either but being lower down I hope it isn’t obvious.

The hem isn’t turned up here but when it is there won’t be that gap at the bottom; the fold line is placed at the same distance from the last line of quilting as the space between the lines.

The actual quilting was a bit of a challenge. I didn’t want to rip the side seams in order to quilt each piece separately, so I laid the whole thing flat and drew the guidelines across the entire width of the coat, with chalk this time not pencil, so I had a chance to correct any mistakes. Then I fed it through the machine, using a walking foot to try to reduce creep between layers. It worked pretty well; there’s a little bit of puckering where the stitching crosses the side seams but it’s liveable with.

It looks amazingly wonky below but it’s much better when viewed from a more normal distance.

The seamline that got crossed second is slightly worse for puckering.

I’ve also figured out what’s going on with the vertical quilting line that is present on the technical drawing but didn’t seem to be marked on the pattern. Summer Flies spotted it: it’s sewn right at the end, along the line of the zip, through all the layers, so it’s correct that my coat hasn’t got it at this stage.

I’ve started sewing the facings. Here’s my coat chain basted to the back facing piece. Really pleased with how nicely that’s worked out.

And here it is with the facings laid in place but not yet sewn on. I need to construct the lining too.

Feels like the finish is still a long way away!

31 thoughts on “Quilting fix

  1. The hem quilting looks great, the balance is much better with the extra lines. The finish is in sight!
    I’m planning to get to some sewing this weekend as a distraction from the news.

  2. Oh I really like the extra lines of quilting. I am liking this coat more and more. Have plans for things to do if we get put into lock down and sewing is a great distraction.

  3. Its looking really good and sewing is just what the doctor ordered for well being and mindfulness.

  4. One of the crafting “rules” – one error is a mistake, purposely repeat the error and it becomes a design feature. I like the extra quilting.
    The chain gets attached with fabric loops?! The few coats I’ve seen with them, it’s always been sewn right to the coat. That’s RTW coats anyway. I *think* – it’s been a while since I’ve seen them, now it’s fabric loops, if that.

    1. So true! I’ve seen them done both ways on RTW but I prefer sewing the fabric loop version even though it’s less strong. The coat isn’t mega heavy so it should be fine…I might be more cautious with a thick wool coat 🙂

  5. Trivial this is not! And anyway, trivial is good. I love the progress posts, so please keep them coming. 😉
    The extra quilting at the bottom looks really good.

  6. I totally love the bottom quilting lines. It is much better than the simple Burda version. Great job! Can’t wait to see it completed

  7. I can understand the project fatigue, but this is looking SO good! I love the extra lines too, and your fabric choice.It’s going the most fabulous coat ever. But maybe a little break to get ready for the final stretch? A quick t-shirt 😁?

  8. Thank you. Though I don’t comment, I always read and enjoy your posts.
    Your work is beautiful. We appreciate you sharing. Especially now.

  9. It’s looking great so far. Thanks for showing us all the details – I look forward to reading your posts x

  10. It’s not trivial at all! It’s therapy. I know I have moments of deep panic – both my son and husband have a history of respiratory issues including pneumonia. I take a walk , read blog posts, plan the next project.

    I love the coat so far! And the solution with the stripes at the bottom is clever. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

    Please, take care of you and yours. We’re hunkered down now, have been for 2.5 weeks. Plan to go out for food later this week, and then back inside. Thank goodness it’s warm enough here that we opened the pool this weekend – kiddo needs to burn off energy.

  11. Gosh that coat will be spectacular… Love how you have dealt with an error. Inspiring and frankly, it looks like a feature! LOOOOOVE the chain you are putting in!

  12. Ooh clever fix. I think the more we can keep to a “normal” routine the better our mental health will be. So posting about sewing is much needed. Thanks

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