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And here is the last post of the sewing top five of 2019 series: goals. To make it more interesting I’m not making any concession to practicality. This is what I currently want to sew regardless of climate and lifestyle.

First up is a quilted winter coat in silver. As soon as I saw Burda 114 11/2019 I wanted to make a metallic version. Here’s the technical drawing. I’m intending to skip the bow.

Burda 114 11/2019 padded coat technical drawing

This one is quite likely to get made. I really need a warm winter coat and I already have a fabric in mind for it: an amazing bright silver foiled denim. I still need to do a toile and gather quite a lot of supplies apart from the shell fabric so there’s a way to go.

I was lucky enough to get some of the recent Vogue patterns from my wishlist for Christmas (thanks!) and the one I am really itching to make is V1645, the Rachel Comey Standfast jumpsuit. The pattern envelope recommends ‘cotton blends’ but some versions of the original were made in a fabric that’s described as ‘white pebbled foam’. I still can’t quite work out what that might mean. I think I’ll play it fairly safe and look for a tencel denim for my version. I’m not sure what to do about the buckle detail. The original has a self fabric covered buckle but I quite fancy using a metal one. The trouble is I’m not sure if that will make it tricky to wash.

And the last one is a real stretch: this amazing Pamella Roland Vogue coat/cape. It’s out of print and I can’t say I’m entirely surprised because it’s not exactly practical. But I do love it.

I’m also carrying on with my project to work my way through my wishlist of Burda dresses, and in fact my next couple of posts will be about the next two on the list. That seems like more than enough plans for one year. So thanks to the Sewcialists for running this blog series again, and on to 2020.

22 thoughts on “Sewing top fives: goals

  1. I agree the Burda coat is very tempting and the Rachel Comey jumpsuit looks lovely. The Pamela Roland coat/cape looks a bit of a beast and might well be a real challenge, but I can see it fitting in with your vibe and what a triumph it could be.

    1. There aren’t many versions of the Pamella Roland out there but the ones I have seen look great…I’m thinking something plain rather than the jacquard they did the sample in.

  2. 🙂 love your picks.. and the fact that we often have similar swing plans.. i had my eye on that jumpsuit pattern, so when my friend who lives in usa came for holidays, i asked to bring me that pattern, and i’m very excited about it (and even more excited about vogue 9186 shirtdress pattrn she also got me)..
    really looking forward to see your silvery take on burda coat.. i kinda gave up on mine for this season, as i only managed to find the right quilted fabric in black.. plus i’ve finally finished my coat started over a year ago, so i no longer need warm winter coat..

  3. Can’t wait to see that Vogue coat/cape – I’ve never seen one like it, it looks so cool! Your first Burda coat is also on my list! I’ve traced the pattern and will try doing it in a black velvet, like the model. Can’t wait to see yours in the silver denim!

  4. I’ve put buckles on with a snap. That way I can unsnap and take the buckle off for washing

  5. Me too, me too, the Comey jumpsuit. I ordered Tencel from EOS, fingers crossed it’s heavy ohs and not too wrinkle prone. I love the idea of a metal buckle and the snap on/off seems a good solution. Weight will also play a part, don’t want it dragging the side seam down.
    I think one of my 2020 goals should be to use the various buckles and metal thingies I’ve collected over the years.
    48.9C in Sydney yesterday, I cannot even look at that quilted coat – 😓

  6. I am looking forward to seeing your versions of all these patterns. I was able to do a magnified view of the Comey jumpsuit on a internet side and I think the Italian” foam” fabric , which has a fiber content of – 86% cotton, 14% nylon, looks and drapes a lot like some of these fabrics I have in my stash; a crinkle textured med weight knit fabric, double wool crepe and even a Japanese double cotton gauze. But I think it would look good in a wide variety of fabrics. I am still looking for the perfect fabric for the Roland Cape Coat.

    1. Interesting! I did wonder if it was a crepe variant, but ‘foam’ seems like an odd description. By the way I really enjoyed your recent post about the body stocking pattern but I couldn’t comment – there’s something wrong with my settings because it seems to affect all blogger blogs.

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