Modelled photos of Burda 105 02/2019

It seems like ages since I finished making this coat. I posted about it at the time but didn’t manage to get photos of it on me. Now it’s had a couple of months of wear so time to see how it’s held up. The pattern was originally Burda 105 02/2019 but I have shortened it and given it a lot more waist shaping. The fabric is a very heavy cotton/acetate blend denim.

I don’t wear it every day, but it’s getting a lot of use at the moment. The fabric isn’t intended to be waterproof but it’s sufficiently heavy and tightly woven that light rain bounces off. It’s also nicely windproof. I thought all the structure and the very stiff fabric might make it a bit awkward to wear but it’s actually very comfortable. I do slightly regret putting the buckle on the end of the belt. It looks great – it’s really solid hardware and the perfect shade of pewter – but it’s also rather a liability as I keep knocking into things with it. If I wear the coat open I have to be careful to arrange the belt so I can control it.

Here’s a back view. I’d been sitting down just before we took these as you can probably tell from the creases. Let’s just call it keeping things real.

The storm flap sticks out more than on the original because of the adjustments I made to the back to give myself some arm mobility. With hindsight I should have put a couple of darts in the bottom edge of the flap to control the volume, which I’ve seen done on RTW.

The collar works well worn up as well as down. I definitely should have added sleeve heads because the shoulder seam hasn’t come out totally smooth despite removing all the sleeve cap ease.

The fabric is holding up well. I was a bit concerned it would show wear quite quickly as it’s slightly shiny, but so far so good.

The pockets are good; roomy enough for things like gloves and nothing falls out of them.

I’ve been surprised how much I enjoy wearing this coat. I thought it might end up in the category of garments which look good in photos but are just slightly too much fuss for every day. But it’s very easy to throw on, goes with everything, and still makes me feel like I’ve made an effort to be smart. Sadly we had our first really cold morning of the autumn this week and the coat is clearly not going to be warm enough for winter weather, so the hunt for a winter coat continues.

Thanks to my husband for the pictures, and my brother for toddler wrangling duty while we took them.

15 thoughts on “Modelled photos of Burda 105 02/2019

  1. Love this coat! You did a fantastic job making and modeling.Your friends must be green with envy!

  2. The coat really suits you! One way to wrangle that belt buckle when you want to wear it open is to tie it in the back. Lots of women wear their trenches like that to help ease in the fullness and give them a waist shape. The bonus is no knocking of the buckle.

  3. Oh my goodness Catherine, so chic, so bloody fashionable, it’s gorgeous. Huge congratulations and please not one word about any way you think you can improve this, it’s perfect.

  4. Love it! It looks super fabulous! And now I am super motivated to finish the forever UFO trench coat I’ve recently started working on again, because I need to be a total copycat and have an awesome super cool trench coat moment too…

    But seriously, it looks awesome! It’s too bad it’s not really able to stand up to cold weather, but it’ll be great when things warm up again a bit! I’m sure you will use it a ton in the future.

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