Where does all the fabric go?

So you buy a length of fabric online. An enormous parcel arrives. You wrestle the contents into the washing machine, and hope the weight doesn’t overload it. The washed fabric takes over half a room while it dries, carefully arranged so as not to pull off grain. You get your pattern, cut out the pieces. The fabric is gone and all that’s left are some scraps and a tiny pile of cut pattern pieces a fraction of the size of what you started with. It can’t possibly be enough to cover a body. And yet it all works out in the end. It is a mystery.

5 thoughts on “Where does all the fabric go?

  1. Spot on observation! Also in the last few weeks it’s done nothing but rain here and so the house is festooned with all manner of clothing and fabric with varying degrees of dampness. I’m just about to cut something else out and some of the pieces are going to be cut on the bias. I think I need bigger floor space…..

  2. I feel like this every time too! Enough to cover my entire sofa — disappearing into a small shirt or something. Mind boggling.

  3. Truly amazing transformation, isn’t it? I am always amazed at how a bulky package once sewn up seems to be so small as a garment, too. It seems to take up less storage space….. except for coats! Did you ever decide to finish up the asymmetrical Burda one you posted about recently?

    1. I haven’t gone any further with the coat yet but my current winter coat is so tired that I need to do something soon to replace it. Not sure if it’ll be the Burda or something else though.

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