Fitting woes

I had some denim left over from my grey cargo trousers, not enough to make an adult garment, but far too much to throw away. I’ve made simple elastic waisted trousers for my little boy before which were successful, so I set to and cut out Burda 127 03/2018 in what I thought was his size. These are pretty detailed: slash hip pockets, a fly front, welt pockets on the back and one of those useful adjustable waistbands with buttonhole elastic.

Obviously I wasn’t going to do back welt pockets or belt loops in such tiny trousers, and I noticed that my son’s similarly styled ready to wear trousers don’t have a zip inserted in the fly front, so I planned to skip that too. It sounds odd but the fly is so short that it works.

And then life got in the way and the cut pieces sat in the sewing room for a few months. You can probably guess what happened. I finally made them up last week and they don’t fit; he’s obviously grown a lot since I cut them.

They have a strangely short back crotch length even accounting for being a size too small. I think they also run long in the leg which is why they’re rolled up.

So not my most successful piece of sewing. I definitely made the wrong size, but I’m not convinced the pattern is quite right for my son either. So he got new ready to wear trousers instead, and I’m going back to making dresses for me! I’ve finished the black Burda dress with all the gathers, and am well on the way with the project after that. Just need to find time to take photos.

7 thoughts on “Fitting woes

  1. lol the number of times this happened to me, in the end I gave up making for the kids til they got big enough for things to last a while…and by then they didn’t want them anyway lol

  2. At least you can get back to making more things for yourself though! I can’t get over how fast kids grow at this age. I have a whole stash of Ottobre kids magazines that I always thought I’d make him loads of stuff from, but he’s grown so much I’ve missed the boat on all the really cute younger kids’ patterns I was eyeing up. That said, at age 6, he’s also getting opinions on what he will and won’t wear so I’m not sure my services are going to be in demand for much longer…

  3. It’s too bad that this ended up being a bust. I guess that is the nature of kids though… they do grow fast. I’ve been trying to get caught up on my blog reading that I missed out on while I was so busy over the summer… You made some beautiful things! So even though it’s always disappointing to have a project that’s a bit of a miss, at least you’ve had a really productive sewing year with a lot of hits too. The next one will go better, especially if you are going back to working on things for yourself… at least you won’t have to worry about the same sort of rapid growth issues that come with kids clothes!

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