Trench coat progress

It’s been a while but that’s because I’ve been sewing a coat. Only a summer coat, but it seems to go on forever. I’ve almost finished the collar and lapels. Just top stitching left to do on those.

The pattern is Burda 105 02/2019 which is a simplified trench coat pattern. It has storm flaps and the traditional collar, but just wraps to close rather than having buttons. Here’s the line art.

Burda 105 02 2019 line art

I’m making it in a dark grey denim which I was worried was too heavy for the style but it’s working out OK so far. Its reluctance to crease made it surprisingly easy to sew the collar and welt pockets without getting any puckers.

Here’s a longer view. The side seams aren’t sewn yet. I’ve made the belt though. Most patterns have you do that sort of thing last but I prefer to get it done right at the start.

There still seems like a very large amount left to sew. What’s making it easier though is my new gadget: a very bright clip-on LED light that I can attach to the shelves by my desk and position to shine right on the sewing machine needle.

I don’t know if I’ve just been unlucky but out of my three machines, two have light bulbs which tend to slip out of their fittings if I sew quickly, plunging the work into darkness. And even when the bulbs shine reliably none of them are all that bright. The LED light makes a huge difference. It was a present from my husband, so thanks!

17 thoughts on “Trench coat progress

  1. This trench is going to be awesome! Love the fabric; seems perfect for your project.

  2. Lighting is so important! My new machine has minimal lighting so I have done what you did. I also do some of the easy finishing details early-get them out of the way. And the lapels/collar! Gorgeous!!!!

    1. It’s looking very good so far. You have reminded me that I was going to ask for a bright sewing light for my birthday, but as that is today I might have missed the boat on that one!

  3. Very cool! I couldn’t function without my daylight lamp, which is clamped to the table next to my machine. I have a smaller one on a stand which I can tote into the living room if I want to sit and do some hand sewing [our house is very gloomy lol] They are invaluable

  4. The trench coat is going to be a stunner once it is finished. I also have lights which I attach to my machine, or elsewhere, for extra light particularly when sewing dark fabrics, they are invaluable.

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