Who needs a cutting table?

Something I’ve wanted for a long time is a proper cutting table. At the moment I have two options. There’s the the dining table, which is too low for cutting standing up and not large enough for big pattern pieces. I also have a huge foldable cardboard cutting mat for the floor. The mat is a really good surface and has a printed grid which has proved surprisingly useful, but it’s hard on the knees.

But we have never had space at home for it, unless I got one of those foldaway ones and they cost something ridiculous. However we’ve just had a new kitchen. I swear I wasn’t thinking about dressmaking when we planned the layout, but look at this…

It’s the perfect height and plenty long enough; that’s most of the pattern pieces for a pair of jeans laid out there on wide fabric. Guess I don’t need a cutting table after all.

18 thoughts on “Who needs a cutting table?

  1. Fantastic! Do be really careful not to cut into your new countertop. I was super careful with my dining room table but I still nicked it once. Now I cut on the floor…

    1. Good point! I am thinking of getting some more of the stuff I have to protect the dining table; I don’t know what it’s called but it’s in the furnishing fabric department round here. Very thick, woolly on one size and waterproof on the other.

  2. Congrats to that sneaky subconscious, and a clean kitchen counter is easily worth a handy cutting table!

  3. Very clever. My mom used our ping-pong table in the 80’s… I have to cut on the floor, not very ergonomic, but it keeps me supple, I hope.

    1. That’s a new one on me! I find carpeted floors aren’t too bad but I tried tile once when I needed to cut out a really big pattern, and never again!

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