Burda 128 10/2010

Burda 128 10/2010 modelled pictures

Burda 128 10/2010 black sateen

Here is my latest attempt at a practical winter dress, Burda 128 10/2010. I’m not saying it’s a bad pattern: it’s certainly not bland or boring. But it’s not the easiest thing to wear.

I almost never make toiles and there are a few fit issues. I could have done with a bit more room at the hips and there’s something a bit off with the hem at the back – but I’m going to have to lengthen it anyway so that can be fixed at that point.

Burda 128 10/2010

Side view, although it’s very difficult to see any detail. The bust point is a bit high for me. Burda doesn’t mark that on magazine patterns.

I wore it to work today (with very thick tights!) and it was ok, but definitely only suitable for a day spent mostly behind a desk.

I might tackle lengthening it this weekend. And then after that I have several much more colourful projects (for other people) lined up!

Thanks to my husband for the photos.

10 thoughts on “Burda 128 10/2010 modelled pictures

  1. I like it! Since it’s short, why not do it up and wear some bright or patterned tights with it? Also – boo on the bust point. Why, oh why, don’t pattern companies mark it? The Big 4 is pretty good about it, but everyone else? Forget it!

  2. It looks fabulous. It doesn’t look too short, but a bit longer would also work well. The bust point issue is only visible on the side view, against the white wall. If resewing the dart is not an option, you might try with another bra? Works for me sometimes. Really great dress. What fabric did you use?

    1. Thanks! It’s a cotton sateen with a very small amount of stretch. The last time I made this was in a knit so it fitted very differently.

      1. Thank you, it works really well. You often manage to make garments look better than the original models, this is one of them.

  3. I like the dress very much. The neckline is very nice. I really love your boots too!
    What is the brand?

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