Vado jeans part two

My custom Vado jeans are coming on nicely. I haven’t got the waistband on yet but so far the fit looks pretty good! I still have wrinkles under the bum but fewer than on my Burda jeans.

The only adjustment I’ve made to the pattern is to pinch out a little bit on the top of the centre back seam because I had gapping there. Of course the waistband will make a huge difference so no photos as yet.

I’ve been trying a new sewing gadget I got for Christmas on this project. I’ve read that in industrial sewing pins are not used at all. On the rare occasions fixings are really needed they prefer clips apparently.

Clips are also good for anything that might show pin marks. Obviously it’s not a problem with denim, but I thought I’d try them out anyway when I sewed the long leg seams.

They’re pretty easy to use. It’s harder to remove them quickly while sewing than it is with pins, but the fabric sits so much more flat than when pinned that it’s worth it. I need a better container for them than a plastic bag though. Definitely a useful addition to the arsenal.

Unfortunately just as I was finishing the leg seams on the overlocker I had a spectacular needle failure. It got to where the inseam crosses the crotch seam and the needle bent instead of going through the layers.

The overlocker seems to have survived the experience but I still haven’t finished the jeans. Maybe this weekend.

8 thoughts on “Vado jeans part two

  1. Eager to see your jeans modeled. Thanks for commenting on the clips. Is there a perfect size or is an assortment of sizes better?

  2. looking forward to seeing your jeans made up. I will use pins more while sewing but have bull dog clips in my workroom as we used use something similar (clamps in factory cutting training) when working with sheers to keep selvedges together. I also find the metal bulldog clips great for clipping thicker fabric together like wool coating, where the pin gets bent.

  3. Good thing you noticed that before it snapped entirely! I’ve nearly been hit in the eye on at least one occasion.

  4. I love using these sorts of clips on things that are either too thick for pins or where pins will leave marks. I’ve never used them for long pants hems before, but that makes a lot of sense!

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