Again, again, again: Vogue 1247

I don’t normally find that sewing clothes is any cheaper than buying them, but this project is one of the exceptions. The pattern is one I’ve made several times before: a modified version of the skirt from Vogue 1247 (previous versions: green, silver knit, grey). The fabric is the scraps left over from my silver jeans. I had plenty of suitable top stitching thread to go with it left too.

The technical drawing for the pattern is below but my version has some changes.

Vogue 1247 line art

I am trying to use more things from my stash, and amongst my zips I had a metal one of about the right length with a large silver decorative puller. It was a good match for the fabric but there was no way I wanted the puller digging into the small of my back, so I moved the zip to the side seam.

Close up of zip

The puller meant it had to be installed as an exposed zip. I used a lot of Wonder Tape to hold the zip in place while I stitched it because you can’t pin or baste this fabric anywhere it might show!

I wasn’t sure what to do about the waistband. Previous versions I’ve made of this skirt have an invisible zip which stops just below the waistband, and a hook and bar closure on the waistband itself. I couldn’t find a picture of an exposed zip installed like that, but I was worried that it wouldn’t stay closed without the help of an additional closure at the top; the waistband is close fitting and so takes a lot of strain. In the end I stopped the zip just under the waistband and made a small overlap on the waistband with a hook and bar to hold it. Seems to work and looks fine.

Another change I made was to add a centre front seam and top stitching along it and the yoke seam. The front of the skirt is very plain and I thought it needed something to break up the expanse of shiny silver.

Silver skirt with centre front seam

Here’s a back view. Yes it needs pressing, but on the other hand this is how it really looks after I’ve been sitting down.

The reason I keep going back to this style is the pockets. They are well placed and nice and big. I’ve got my purse, keys, and phone in them in the modelled photos.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to style this. I thought black would look too stark against the silver and so tried various grey tops and tights, but they all looked wrong. It would probably work with a white top and bare legs but the UK is well into autumn now so that’s not going to be an option for a long time. The black top and tights seems to be the best option.

Modelled photos taken by my husband; flat ones by me.

35 thoughts on “Again, again, again: Vogue 1247

  1. This is a great skirt pattern. I’ve never tried it myself but having seen yours and Carolyn’s version(Handmade by Carolyn blog), I’m sorely tempted. The extra topstitching is great and the exposed zip is perfection. Hmm…thinking of what to pair your skirt with…I actually love it with black and for some reason, I thought of denim tones with the silver as well.

  2. This pattern is a keeper, all around. I keep going back to it, too.

    I must say, your husband has an excellent eye for photography. That last photo of you, in particular, is stunning.

    1. They don’t quite reach the side seams but they do seem to hang well in every version of this I’ve made (except the knit one which needed interfacing and didn’t get it). This particular fabric is very crisp which helps.

  3. I love this skirt in silver C. A really successful outcome. Personally I think silver goes well with most colours especially cooler and bright shades – black looks great in my opinion. I wear my silver skirt with black or navy as black is a bit too deep for me.

    And i have to ageee that it’s a really versatile pattern.

  4. I love your version of this skirt especially since this is the skirt pattern that keeps giving and giving. Using all stash items must have added to the pleasure when it was finished. The pics of it are wonderful and it works perfectly with the black! Perfectly…

  5. Awesome! Looks fantastic, but I have a hard time imagining anything that wouldn’t look great on you. Have you thought of pairing it with a true bright red? I think those colors often work well together.

  6. Such a great skirt! Your top stitching and zipper installation look so neat! And I real like the black ‘canvas’ as a showcase for the silver!

    1. Thanks! It’s weird, I thought I didn’t do a brilliant job on the top stitching and I couldn’t rip it out to try again, but it looks ok in the pics. I guess there is a lesson about perfectionism there.

  7. Lovely skirt – it looks really special in that silver fabric. I used my own block pattern to make this so it’s not quite the Vogue pattern but I agree it’s a fabulously useful design.

  8. Nice! I like black and silver. Perhaps a deep green? I don’t know. My wedding was red and silver, but with far less silver. I LOVE the first photo! You look so happy and joyful!

  9. The black isn’t too stark at all! I really like the silhouette and those pockets are awesome 🙂

    Try white, deeper shades of blue/indigo, a black/white print and I like the suggestion of red too! Ooh or pink if it’s a color you wear!

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