Victory is mine

I set the sleeves in on this shirt perfectly in one go. Normally with set in sleeves I find I have to go back and restitch little bits where I’ve got a pucker.

The pattern is Style Arc‘s Juliet shirt. I am liking Style Arc patterns more and more: their small seam allowances are so much easier to sew than standard 1.5cm ones. They use 1cm in most places and 6mm for things like necklines where there’s a tight curve and the seam allowance doesn’t need to be finished afterwards. 6mm sounds tiny, but it works. The collar on this went on very easily with no stay stitching and clipping required, just a few pins.

The only downside is that I find it tricky to finish the smaller seam allowances where they have to be pressed open. I now overlock those edges before I sew the seam which works better for me.

The picture was taken before I made the buttonholes but it’s all done now. Hopefully I’ll have modelled photos soon.

14 thoughts on “Victory is mine

  1. Looking good missus! Isn’t that front integral tie a great little puzzle? I love the one front being bias too, it really enhances the fit for me. I’m 100% with you on the seam allowances, although I do still prefer ‘proper’ ones. It’s finishing them neatly on woven fabrics that’s tricksy, on knits it’s no bother at all of course

    1. I’m kicking myself for not rereading your post before I sewed this up because I did the exact same thing with not finishing the funny little dart on the tie and had to hand overcast it later. Will try to figure it out next time…I have future plans for this pattern.

  2. I love this shirt. I’ve made one from my pattern and seeing yours has reminded me I need another. I agree that the Style Arc seam allowances are great – but leave no room for adjustments should they be needed. The fit is generally so good with them that it’s not a problem.
    Enjoy your shirt!

  3. Style Arc does great patterns. I’d probably buy more of their digital offering wasn’t just A4 sheets.
    The only issue I have with differing seam allowances is remembering it’s 1cm and then remembering when it’s 6mm!

    1. Ah I’m a hardcore paper pattern collector. But yeah, A0 is the way to go for pdf patterns. Much easier to collect it from the copy shop than stick sheets together.

  4. Found your blog through the rabbit hole via other blogs. I couldn’t comment on the exact blog post, but the StyleArc white cotton dress is amazing on you! Don’t know if anyone has told you that you resemble Tilda Swinton, but that ethereal/minimalist space traveller look really works for you!

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