Burda 116 08 2011 front view

Schiaparelli pink Burda 116 08/2011

Burda 116 08 2011 front view

This is an old favourite pattern, Burda 116 08/2011. Five or six years ago I used to have three versions in my wardrobe; it was my perfect dress at the time and it sews up really quickly so it was easy to have multiple versions. I made it up again this summer at the height of the heat wave. The fabric is a stretch cotton poplin from Tissu fabrics in bright pink. The original pattern was meant to be made in something drapey, but I find I like the effect in a crisp fabric.

It’s taken a while to get photos and the first opportunity was a very windy day so excuse the strange folds. Thanks to my husband for patiently taking photos from several angles while we tried to keep out of the wind!

I made some very minor changes to the pattern. I added 1cm to the side seams below the waist for a total extra 4cm circumference because the original hasn’t got a lot of ease at the hips. The pattern has you make bias strips to finish the armscyes. I cut an extra strip to bind the inside edge of the cowl too as it makes a much nicer finish than overlooking it. I added some interfacing to the back collar and the pocket opening edges.  And finally I cut four of the pocket pieces rather than two so that I could have the pocket bags loose inside the dress rather than top-stitched to the dress front.

Burda 116 08 2011 back view

I think the fabric is very slightly too light in weight for this style, but I love the colour. This time around though I am noticing a few little issues that I wasn’t conscious of in previous versions. The sleeves are a bit restrictive, and the cowl neck has a mind of its own. I keep thinking that I won’t make another of these, but I also keep wearing it. Maybe I’ll make another in a heavier fabric. Sateen perhaps? I don’t think I want something as drapey as a crepe.

Burda 116 08 2011 front view

14 thoughts on “Schiaparelli pink Burda 116 08/2011

  1. Beautiful colour, I’m not surprised you keep wearing it. The style has so much going for it, fairly classic but with a specially nice cowl and neat sleeves.

  2. I like this in the crisp fabric, and suspect I wouldn’t if it were a drapey fabric instead. Lovely colour, and the mustard shoes go with it too!

  3. Have you considered “controlling”the cowl by using a brooch? Perhaps pulling it to one side and artfully arranging the layers?

    The color is spectacular! I always enjoy seeing your finished objects!

  4. Great dress, and the colour is fabulous. I agree that the fabric may be just a little fine – but it looks great so enjoy wearing it anyway! (And I’m sure it has been perfect for the conditions this summer).

  5. Looks great and you reminded me that I’ve made this pattern twice before – once in something similar to this and a second time in a knit which wasn’t anywhere near as successful. So, clearly I like it in a crisper fabric too and may have to revisit it….!

  6. This looks like the perfect dress to me – lots of options for style. I can see why it’s a favorite.

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