Burda 115-09-2015

Black Burda 118-09-2015

I’ve made these trousers once before but you always tweak a pattern second time around don’t you? I always seem to anyway. They are Burda 118 09/2015, wide legged menswear style trousers with turnups.

Burda 115-09-2015

The first version was a little too big in the waist. Perhaps because they rode lower than intended they also seemed slightly too long. This is a Tall pattern to start with and I didn’t add any length. For this pair I took in the waist and left the length alone, and they’ve come up a fraction too short. It’s not enough to make me unstitch the turnups and let them down, but next time I’ll add a very little to the length, maybe 2cm. There probably will be a next time although not for a while.

Burda 115-09-2015

This view shows the pleats and the very forward position of the side seams. When I took the waist in I did it by removing width just from the back pieces. There’s no space to take it out of the front.

Burda 115-09-2015

The fabric is a really lovely black wool flannel from Croft Mill with a little bit of elastane in it. It isn’t enough to make it stretchy but I guess it helps reduce creasing. Sadly it’s now sold out. The pocket bags are a scrap of heavyweight black satin lining I had left over from another project, and I used Vilene G700 interfacing. The pattern calls for interfacing on the waistband, welt pockets, and fly shield. I also put it on the front pocket edges but I still managed to stretch them out a bit.

These are practical trousers. The pockets are huge and they’re very comfortable and warm. But I like to think they’re a bit stylish too. I’ve mainly been wearing them with this black wool jersey t-shirt but I think they’d go with a short boxy top as well.

Burda 115-09-2015

32 thoughts on “Black Burda 118-09-2015

  1. Love these trousers. They’re so incredibly chic in the black flannel. Your posts are always a delight to read, and this one was so aesthetically pleasing with contrasts of the white, green and black of your photos.

  2. Nice photos. Makes me think of those sorts french films where nothing much happens but the devestatingly chic iconic french actresses (or the british ones that do those sorts of french films) emote ennui all over the place and make reading magazines or staring out of windows seem capitvating and mysterious.
    The pants are good too.

  3. they look fantastic. that pattern has just the right amount of fullness for a pleated trouser.

      1. This is odd. I clicked on your link and it took me to my site (which I thought was the Canadian version) and allowed me to “favourite” it. Thanks! It’s a nice-looking pant and may be just what I need for summer.

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