Drape drape 2 no 6 black

Cosy drapery: wool jersey Drape Drape dress

This is a bit of everyday luxury: a fabric hogging pattern made in 100% wool double knit. I know I’m going to wear it a lot though. I’ve made the pattern before and it became one of my favourite dresses.

Drape drape 2 no 6 black front view

The pattern was originally style 6 from the Drape Drape 2 book. I’ve adapted it quite a bit to add sleeves and pockets. Lots of details on that at the post about my last version. For this iteration I only made minor changes. I moved the pockets up a couple more inches. I also added a centre back seam sewed wrong sides together on the overlocker to give the back a bit of interest. I tried to use the new seam to reduce the bagginess of the back but I didn’t go far enough because it’s still a bit loose.

Drape drape 2 no 6 black back view

One of the things I love about this is the pockets. They are very simple inseam ones but they make the dress so much more wearable. I used some mystery lightweight stretch interfacing on the opening edges to give them a bit of extra support. The front pocket lining is made from a scrap of heavy stretch satin woven I had left over from something or other. I think using wool for the lining would have been too bulky. Incidentally the wool fabric is from Croft Mill but they seem to have sold out. The satin almost certainly came from The Lining Company.

I sewed it with a size 100 ball point needle on the sewing machine as in places you are sewing through four or five thick layers and I didn’t think size 90 would cope. My overlocker was set up with size 90 stretch needles because I didn’t have any more size 100, but it struggled with anything more than two layers of the wool. It also completely refused to trim the edge on the the really thickly layered bits. I finally gave up on finishing the inside of the cowl nicely after breaking a needle on it. Maybe I need a new overlocker blade? But it might just be that I’m asking too much of the machine as it’s never been great at cutting very thick fabric.

Drape drape 2 no 6 black front view with pockets

I still find the construction of this pattern a bit of a mystery even though I’ve made it four times; I always have to look at the diagrams in the book to work out how to sew the cowl. The picture below shows a bit of the construction. The cowl has one edge free around the back of the neck and shoulders but that gets caught into the side seams further down. I should have pressed that side seam more, oops.

Drape drape 2 no 6 black side view

I’m very pleased with this. It’s really warm and easy to wear, but looks like I’ve made a bit of an effort. And speaking of (not) making an effort, I’ve stopped dyeing my hair. This is the first time my natural colour has ever appeared on the blog. Might keep it this way for a bit.

44 thoughts on “Cosy drapery: wool jersey Drape Drape dress

  1. Absolutely gorgeous- I’d love one, but [1] book [2] faff [3] belly would fill the drape lol
    Really nice, now make a bright red one! [Love the hair too-mine is such a crap shade naturally now I need to carry on dyeing it for some time yet]

    1. Thanks! If only I could find red wool jersey; one thing I never realised before I began sewing is just how hard it can be to find fabric in a given colour. Ponte works for this one though and there are sometimes interesting colours available. I quite fancy this in winter white, but that will have to wait until we’re out of the toddler years πŸ™‚

  2. This has all the elements I love in a winter dress, warm fabric, sleeves, style interesting but not dateable or difficult to wear, pockets. I congratulate you for seeing this possibility in the pattern.

  3. I love this stesso, it is gorgeous, i really have to look for this books. Hæð shape shape here in the last days but things from drape drape look more interesting.

  4. This is just pure gorgeousness. And made of wool double knit! Luxurious, warm and practical for winter wear. And your natural look is very ‘Swinton’.

  5. That looks like the perfect quintessentially-you dress! Wool double knit sounds just lovely, too. ❀

  6. Stunning dress! Love the shape on you πŸ™‚ I don’t have this book but I do have one similar on its way to me now which is capes and cover-ups. I’ve never made a dress out of wool – and why not since I’m in Canada I ask? πŸ™‚

  7. gorgeous – love the shape on you and it looks so much more interesting than the typical black dress.

  8. I’m very late getting to posting a comment, but I couldn’t leave it as this dress is really just so fabulous, it’s perfect and very you, the fact it is cosy as well is a bonus.

  9. This is so amazing! I can see why it has become one of your favourite dresses! One of those effortlessly wearable yet still incredibly interesting and chic garments. I’m fascinated by the construction

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