Wet look leggings: Burda 130-01-2011

Ages ago I had a pair of wet-look leggings from Topshop that I wore under skirts and dresses to add a bit of interest. They were always slightly too small for me, and the seams strained alarmingly from day one. Pregnancy finished them off completely. Just before my baby arrived I bought a length of wet look scuba knit from Tia Knight so I could replace them. It’s been over a year now and I have finally got around to sewing the fabric up! The exact same product code is no longer available, surprise surprise, but this one looks very similar and I think the product photo is the same as the one in my order confirmation.

Burda wet look leggings 130-01-2011

The pattern is Burda 130-01-2011, a very basic leggings pattern. There is just one pattern piece on this view; not even a separate waistband. The pattern has a second view which has an overskirt added to the design. Not something I intend to use any time soon but it makes it a little more versatile.

It’s designed for stretchy knits and my scuba is fairly stable so I measured the flat pattern carefully and sized up quite a bit; I’d normally make a 40 on hips and legs and what I ended up with was more like a 44. One adjustment I didn’t need to make was length. I am tall and yet the standard length on this is more than enough for me. Perhaps they are meant to be worn scrunched up? Worth checking if you make these yourself. I didn’t hem mine but even allowing for that they are too long.

Burda wet look leggings 130-01-2011

The fabric was a challenge to sew. My sewing machine could not feed it at all if the coated side was in contact with either the foot or the feed dogs. I ended up sewing the waist casing on my overlocker because I couldn’t get it through the regular machine. I did it the way you’d sew a hem on an overlocker: folding the fabric as you do to use a blind hem stitch on a regular machine and using a flatlock stitch to catch the raw hem edge to the fold. It’s not at all beautiful and the elastic tends to twist, but it was better than nothing. Another time I’d make a completely separate waistband piece and overlock it on. And I’ve since picked up some tops for sewing pleather type fabrics from Alex; that’s a good thing as I have quite a bit of the scuba left over. For what it’s worth I used size 90 needles on the overlocker with this, and on the regular machine a size 100 ball point, which worked fine as long as I only sewed the fabric with the wrong side out.

Burda wet look leggings 130-01-2011

The fit is OK – which is to say not brilliant but considerably better than my Topshop leggings. The front crotch depth is too long and the waist could do with being a bit smaller. There’s a reason I’m wearing a long top in the photos. But I would never wear these in real life without something over the top that covers my bum so I don’t think it’s really cheating.

These aren’t the greatest thing I’ve ever made but they fill a wardrobe hole and didn’t take long. If anyone’s wondering what happened to my Style Arc jacket I did finish it but it took forever to get photos…watch this space.

19 thoughts on “Wet look leggings: Burda 130-01-2011

  1. Love ’em- I used to have a pair of shiny black stretch jeans that I wore from about mid 1980s until they died about 10 years later. I still miss them! Yours look great…I think I’d look like a bowling ball balanced on drainpipes if I made a copy [although I still itch to lol]
    Personally, I like showing off my bum, it’s the belly and lady lunch that needs hiding- yet most patterns have a long back and short front. Hmm. Would I look like by neck was twisted the wrong way if I reversed that I wonder?

    1. Thanks! It’s an interesting idea. I suppose we are used to things being longer at the back for practical reasons, and we usually emphasise the bum with adding extra layers (eg bustles) rather than revealing more. But then sometimes you see clothes tucked in at the back and not the front…I think the right style could work, and you’d need the right neckline. Probably something fairly low in front!

  2. Do you have a teflon or a roller foot? I’ve never stitched with that type of fabric, but I imagine the teflon foot would make things work a teeny bit better. Nice job though!

  3. These look good on you. A teflon foot or tissue paper under the fabruc will solve your sewing problems

  4. They look brilliant, one wouldn’t guess that you had any issues with the fabric. I’ve only sewn with pleather once and vowed not to repeat the experience, but the teflon foot tip might persuade me to try again.

  5. I really love these! I love all things leather, but real leather is uncomfortable, and the RTW trousers I have are just not that comfortable. I think this might just be the solution. I want to try out my teflon foot again :). Can you believe I never made leggings ever?

  6. I love these. They look great on your tall slender frame, I’m not sure I could carry them but I’d quite like to try.

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