More colour matching


The last grey fabric I tried to sew with proved impossible to colour match, so I wasn’t hopeful about finding top-stitching thread to go with my current project. The fabric’s a grey denim and I wanted top-stitching thread in the same shade for a subtle effect. I haven’t been able to make it to a physical sewing shop for a while so I crossed my fingers and ordered Gutermann Sew All and Top Stitch in shade 036 online; a colour variously described as “light black”, “dark grey”, “grey”, and “charcoal” by different vendors. And lo and behold it’s almost a perfect match. Funny how these things happen.

11 thoughts on “More colour matching

  1. Perfect! In my experience, sometimes being able to shop in a brick-and-mortar store doesn’t always guarantee a perfect match, anyways, so here’s to ordering every possible match online!!

  2. I end up ordering many spools in various shades, hoping one will work. Since I tend to lean toward certain colors, it does make matching (and eliminating) easier the next time.

  3. Pressed send to early

    I visited Stone Fabrics in Totnes over the summer (even better than their wonderful on line store) & bought fabric for a coat. The very helpful owner said that if I needed any buttons or a zip I should send her back a small sample of the fabric and she would do her best to match it!

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