Burda 104C 02/2017

Culottes are something I never imagined I’d want to wear. I hesitate to say they’ve come back into fashion because I wouldn’t know, but they have certainly started to look appealing recently. It may just be the effect of swapping fashion magazines for Burda and pattern catalogues. 

These ones are Burda 104C 02/2017. They are a very high waisted style with front pleats and a tie belt. They are more like cropped wide legged trousers than what I normally think of as culottes. Dr T made a great version of this pattern that moved them right to the top of my sewing list.

Burda 104c/02/2017

Mine are made in viscose crepe from Truro Fabrics. It’s more drapey than I think the pattern is designed for but it’s what I had in the stash. The fabric requirements say ‘trouser fabrics with some body’. The crepe gives them wonderful movement but some of the details like the belt loops and the high waist would have been better in a crisper fabric. 

One slightly odd detail is the fake back pockets. I think trousers usually look better with some sort of detail on the backside but there’s something not quite right about these. I think they’re a bit too small and also need to be higher up. But that might not be the pattern’s fault: the whole garment is sitting lower on me than it should. This style of trouser cannot stay in place if there’s any ease in the waist at all; I should have realised that and traced the waist a size smaller than I did. As it is the whole thing slips down a few inches on me.

Burda 104c/02/2017

The really good thing about these are the huge hip pockets. They look fine even when fairly full of junk because the style is so voluminous. The tie belt is nice too although it’s come out much longer than I expected. I usually cut them a little longer than the pattern suggests but I don’t remember adding that much length. Unless I tie a bow the ends are down by my ankles. Dramatic, but not the most practical of features.

Burda 104c/02/2017

I interfaced the waist facings and fly underlap with Vilene F220 and used a mystery lightweight stretch woven interfacing on the pocket edges. I could have done with putting lightweight interfacing on the fly facings too and maybe the hem area.

I doubt I’ll make this particular pattern again soon but I love the wide legged silhouette. I’ve got my eye on a few other Burda patterns with a similar shape.
Burda 104c 02/2017

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  1. I like them! I think culottes/similar are just things one wears and enjoys, no matter what anyone thinks! Kind of ‘in your face’ and funky. these are cool…

  2. They look great! I’m sewing my first culottes this weekend, and you’ve convinced me it’s the right choice! πŸ™‚

  3. they look good on you and I think you should make them again

  4. I agree that they look fabulous on you and you should make them again! That flowy fabric is the perfect choice I think for wide legged pants and fitted at the waist and hip is so important which you’ve done here so well. I bought a pair (I know tsk tsk) of linen wide legged pants last year ($125 which was a half price sale!) and I LOVE them. From the moment I put them on I knew I had made the right decision so you might consider making these in a nice drapey linen for summer πŸ™‚

  5. They look great! The drape probably helps the front pleat flatten a bit, though I can totally understand how it might not be the best for the structure needed to support the waistband. They look great – hopefully you get a lot of wear from them!

  6. They look great in this fabric, even low slung as they sit on you, and I love the dramatically long tie belt. Maybe you could reposition the back pocket flaps if they bother you, one advantage of not making real pockets! I made culottes and found the biggest hurdle to prevent me feeling naff was finding the right shoe, I think yours look very cool with those amazing shoes!

  7. I am curious to who makes the shoes you are wearing in this post. Thank you!

  8. I’ve been eyeing this silhouette from afar and am very near the tipping point! I have a number of patterns short listed including some Burdas. I love the drape that the crepe gives. Makes for a lovely, easy swooshy trouser! I’m not big on fake back pockets either. I’d rather have the real thing even though it’s more effort to do welt pockets.

    A lovely make!

  9. i love these on you! have cut the pattern and sourced my black linen last week, but your post pushed that project on top of my (very long) sewing queue

  10. I think they’re lovely! I’ve made two of these for Daughter No 1, the first in a chiffon of some sorts and the second in a twill. Both look fab and both very different. I bet if you tried another fabric (and made the adjustments to the waist) you might like them more. Daughter no2 wants a pair in linen. ps, LOVE the shoes!!!

    1. I’d forgotten those amazing chiffon ones were from this pattern! Linen sounds great too, I’m going to have to give that a go πŸ™‚

  11. These are really sharp – the drape is excellent for the style and your shape. Dress up or down all season.

  12. I love these in the (more or less) full length. I haven’t really fully bought into the mid-calf length. Why are they called culottes? They’re more like peddle pushers πŸ™‚

  13. I think the pants work well on you, despite (or maybe additionally because of?) the crepe! I also never thought I would like a pair of culottes, but seeing them everywhere, they are starting to grow on me! Well done, in any case.

  14. These are FANTASTIC on you! I particularly love the super long ties and deep belts loops. Lovely details. I’m all about the wide leg cropped trousers at the moment!

  15. Nice culottes. I’ve traced these but haven’t found the right fabric and colour yet. The tie belt is part of the look and good to know it is very long. If I find the right fabric the tie belt may annoy me when I end up sitting on the ends when I’m at my desk.

  16. With your magic wand/needle you’ve transformed the often horrific culottes into elegant eastern palazzo pants. Sandals + long ties just finish off a really cool and inspiring look.

  17. I am very slow to adopt new trends and it has taken me a while to appreciate the look of culottes (and jumpsuits for that matter), but suddenly I love them! These look really good on you and I loved the ones Dr T made as well so it looks like this may be the pattern to try!

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