Vogue 1378 leggings in grey scuba

Vogue 1378 grey scuba side view

There are a lot of garments in this picture – that’s winter for you – but the one this post is about is the grey scuba knit leggings. I cut these out in October and have been sewing them up a tiny bit at a time when the baby is safely asleep. You might think that this is a very long time to take over making a pair of leggings even given that constraint, but in my defence these are not ordinary leggings. There’s a lot of decorative lapped seaming and topstitching which makes them quite a big project. They’re based on the trousers from the discontinued Vogue 1378 Donna Karan pattern. Line art below:

Vogue 1378 line art

You can’t really see it in the line art but the pattern has a vertical opening at the bottom of the leg where those four parallel rows of topstitching are. I’ve always thought that looks a bit odd so I eliminated it. The previous time I made this pattern I did it by overlapping the two pattern pieces for the lower leg and cutting them as one, but I didn’t like the end result because the topstitching fades into the background without a seamline next to it. For this version I cut the two separate pieces but sewed the opening shut by doing the topstitching through both the layers. That way the seam and topstitching matches the other decorative lapped seams in the garment.

Vogue 1378 grey scuba closeup

These are my usual size in Vogue, which is one size down from what the measurement chart would suggest I make. I normally find that works out fairly well. These have zero ease at the hip on me. I had to add some extra width below the knee to make them go over my large calves. I wish I’d taken them in at the ankle because I intended these as leggings not trousers, hence the skirt over the top. The other adjustment I made was to raise the waist. As drafted these came up much lower on me than the intended one inch below the natural waist.

My fabric is a scuba knit from Tissu Fabrics (long since sold out or I’d link it; they have other colours of scuba available though). It was easy to sew but tricky to trim evenly for the lapped seams. You can probably see the edges look a bit ragged in the picture below. It’s also a little too stretchy for the design; I’ve popped a bit of the topstitching since making these. My previous pair in neoprene worked a lot better because it’s that little bit more stable. The neoprene is also thick enough that I can wear that pair without a skirt over the top; the new pair are far too clingy for that.

Vogue 1378 grey scuba back view

So, probably not my most perfect or flattering make but they are warm and washable so I’ve worn them quite a lot since finishing them. You can’t say fairer than that.

Vogue 1378 grey scuba


19 thoughts on “Vogue 1378 leggings in grey scuba

  1. Finishing that since October with a tiny baby at home is totally legit time frame 🙂 I like how they look, but I think they’re more trouser than legging in the lower part (even at the knee?). Welcome back!

    1. I love those leggings… and I have a question that has NOTHING to do with sewing. And if you don’t want to answer, that’s okay too… not sure if I’m getting too personal. Is your hair bleached – I notice the color is different from before and it looks FANTASTIC. My hair is bob length and I want to let the grey grow out and I saw your hair and thought that might be cool instead… I’m just really liking this look. Welcome back and congratulations – I’m impressed that you’re getting any sewing done at all!

      1. Thanks! Yes I’ve been having it bleached lately. I do love the colour but it’s high maintenance so I may not keep it up much longer. My natural colour is dishwater blonde but these days I have a lot of grey!

      2. Thanks – I love this bleached look – I am SO tempted to try this…. It could be a totally fun way to transition to the grey. You do rock the redhead look too so whichever works – this is fun though and you wear it well!

  2. The topstitching is perfection. I can see a tighter fit at the ankle looking really sharp, but at the end of the day functional and finished is really the best thing. So excited that you are still finding some sewing time with the new baby!

  3. Looking great! Lovely stitching.
    Also I quickly need your advice: I cracked and finally ordered the V1239 … and weirdly I’m tempted to make it using an african wax, do you reckon that would work? Or should I play safe and use a plain fabric? Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks! I think V1239 needs something crisp so from that point of view wax print would be great. The print placement would be a challenge though- guess it depends a lot on the scale of the particular print. There are a lot of seams to take into account. One other thing I’ve just thought of: there are some smaller than usual seam allowances around the neck so you’d need to be careful if it frays easily. Could be spectacular in the right print though!

      1. Thank you so much for your good advice. I’ll start looking for a fitting wax print. Back-up: a japanese print. Back-back-up: a plain cold hue. I’m so excited, thanks for your makes and posts, they’re so inspiring!

  4. OMG, I didn’t know you had a baby! Congratulations!!! I have been so out of touch with my favorite sewing bloggers. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Congrats again!!!

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