Blingtastic jeans

Burda 103-07-2010 front view

With some makes the pattern comes first and with others it’s the fabric. In this case it was definitely the fabric. It’s a fairly heavy-weight stretch denim with a thick coat of gold paint. The underlying fabric is a brownish black, not that you can tell. I’m a sucker for anything metallic, and stretch denim in any colour other than blue is scarce in the UK, so I snapped this up as soon as I saw it. Originally I thought I might make a jacket, but I eventually realised that jeans would get far more wear. These are Burda 103-07-2010, a skinny trouser pattern with a little extra seam interest. It’s a really good pattern; I’ve made it a few times. Technically speaking it’s not actually a jeans pattern as there are no flat-felled seams or rivets involved, but made up in denim it certainly gives a similar look.

The side seams are shifted a long way forwards and there’s an extra seam down the back of the leg. I made view C where all seams except the inseam are top-stitched. Here’s the line art, which omits the top-stitching:

Burda 103-07-2010 line art

You can see how far forward the side seams are in this shot.

Burda 103-7-2010 side view

I added back patch pockets and lowered the waist about an inch. The original pattern is designed to hit the natural waist. I also added a bit of length to the legs beyond my standard adjustment for extra height.

Burda 103-07-2010 back view

I had a bit of trouble choosing top-stitching thread. The gold paint is bound to wear off over the lifetime of the garment so I wanted to pick a colour that would work with both the gold and the base fabric. My first choices were black or a bright brown, but the black was too harsh with the gold and the bright brown clashed. I ended up with a dull brown which looks fine with the gold but not so good with the brownish-black base fabric. I guess I’ll just have to wash these as little as I can get away with.

I bought a new packet of size 90 denim needles for this make and broke most of them doing the top-stitching; the waistband was particularly difficult. I had to switch to size 100 in the end which worked a lot better. Here are some detail shots:

Burda 103-07-2010 top-stitching
Burda 103-07-2010 top-stitching

The belt loops were slightly tricky. The pattern would have you sew a skinny tube and turn it out. I tried, but the fabric was far too thick to turn. It might have worked if I’d cut the belt loops on the bias but I didn’t want to waste fabric. In the end I cut a rectangle three times the width I wanted, overlocked one edge, and folded it in three as in the picture below. When I top-stitched the belt loops I was careful to go far enough in to catch down the overlocked edge.

Belt loop construction

But the real question is how practical are these? I made them a few weeks before writing this post and they have actually had some wear at weekends. I think they look best dressed down with boots and a sweater.

I’ve got two more metres of the fabric left…maybe a skirt?

Burda 103-07-2010 front view

23 thoughts on “Blingtastic jeans

  1. Yes. Like Henry VIII and his cloth of gold. Great jeans. I love all the details and I think you have got such a super, unique and wearable pair of jeans. If it were me I wouldn’t care too much about losing some of the colour over time as a patina will make them even more interesting. I am making shiny items at the moment and really enjoying it.

  2. These are glorious! I had gold coloured shoes once. I loved them, they went with everything, even my school uniform until I got banned from wearing them…
    I’d hope that your jeans age well, like an old leather jacket that carries its own story in each scuff and scrape.

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    These jeans are spectacular. Love the cut, love the fabric, love the colour. And you did such a fabulous job. I don’t have the courage yet to sew a pair of jeans, so Kudos to you for such a great job. Cheers, Michele

  4. Gorgeous! Well done finding that fabric, and it works brilliantly in that pattern. Like Kate I wouldn’t worry too much about the ‘wear’ which will occur. I think it might even add to the appeal of the jeans. Enjoy them – they are great.

  5. I love the bling and they work really well with the sweater/boots. It’ll be interesting to see how the paint wears off unevenly with wear and how that changes the character of the fabric and fit. They’ll be cool either either anyways.

    I also like the trou from your previous post, though for some reason couldn’t comment. Perfectly acceptable fit regardless of crinkles and cool detailing.

  6. Your jeans look fabulous! I have the same fabric that I am planning to make skinny jeans-burda 3-2014-115- out of. My fabric spreads glitter every time I handle it, do you have the same problem?
    As for wearablity, It is quite unusual to go to the park wearing sparkling skinny jeans with two little children but who cares!

    1. Thanks! Mine doesn’t seem to shed very much – the paint is pretty thick. Might change as they age though. Glad to hear you are rocking yours!

  7. wow that fabric is gorgeous! i wish i can stumble upon something similar one day! new pants look damn great on you.. and i like how you styled them

  8. Terrific jeans! The fabric was a brilliant find, giving ordinary jeans a ‘designer’ look. The finish is meticulous, I concur with the choice of topstitching colour. I wouldn’t worry about wash wear, there’s a good chance that they will bed in well, with the gold and brown mixing in an interesting way.

  9. Stunning details and impeccable topstitching. Great pair of jeans and let the gold fade – more ‘vintage’ looking, like well aged wine.

  10. They look amazing Catherine, and so does your topstitching! I too, like the idea of them ‘aging’ over time, like real denim does.

  11. Catherine – I just saw you in Vogue patterns magazine – what a great article and congrats! you do well by Vogue patterns and have made fantastic items.

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