Black Burda jumpsuit

Burda 107a-04-2014 front

This jumpsuit was inspired, although in the loosest possible sense, by a visit to the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A earlier this year. One of the models on display was a beautiful black evening jumpsuit with an asymmetric draped lapel detail. While I couldn’t come anywhere near reproducing the inspiration, seeing it did remind me that I’d put a slightly formal jumpsuit pattern on my to-sew list a while ago and that I had some black crepe in the stash.

burda 107-04-2014 tech drawing

So this is Burda 2014-04-111 made up in black poly crepe. In recent years Burda has taken to labelling certain pattern in the magazine as ‘masterpieces’ and this is one of them. It’s not clear whether ‘masterpiece’ is meant to mean it’s difficult to sew or takes a lot of time or both. This one certainly took forever to make, but I couldn’t describe it as my best ever sewing. On the other hand it’s my first attempt at a notched collar and it came out reasonably symmetrical, so I’m delighted with that. And I made it using only Burda’s instructions. They seem to make more sense these days, or perhaps I’ve finally tuned my brain in to the less than idiomatic translation from German. It always amuses me that they say things like ‘stitch again close to seam’ instead of simply ‘understitch’.

It’s come out a bit baggier than I expected. It’s meant to be a loose-fitting style but the version on Burda’s model looks a bit sleeker than mine. Once again I think I’ve made the legs too long which contributes to the effect. I think I took most of the length I added in the legs off again before hemming, so I can safely say this one runs long. But I hate trousers that are too short; one of the reasons I started sewing my own clothes was in order to have things where the legs and sleeves are long enough. At least there’s no danger of revealing my woolly socks. Here’s me with Mrs Burda below for comparison.

Burda 107A-04-2014 front full length

Burda 107A-04-2014 model photo

Her jumpsuit is a lot better pressed than mine. I had been wearing mine all day when the photos were were taken and I don’t think this crepe holds a crease all that well. I doubt I’ll bother pressing the creases back into the back legs after I wash it. They certainly don’t seem to have survived for the photos.

The pattern comes with two views, one of which doesn’t have the creases pressed in, so I may claim my version is View B whereas Mrs Burda is definitely wearing View A. The other differences between the views are that A has a modesty panel and closes with snaps instead of buttons. I skipped the modesty panel as it’s easier and safer to wear a tank top under this. I did use snaps though.

Burda 107A-04-2014 back

I’m not entirely sure what shoes go with this. It’s an evening style, but realistically the place I’m going to wear it is to work on days when I want to look a little smart. This means reasonably comfortable footwear is required. The wedges I’m wearing here are about the limit of what I can manage at work. If anyone has any better ideas than the wedges I’d like to hear them!

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  1. Very nice- I’d go with ‘shoots’ or ankle boots with a fairly chunky heel myself [because i have some and they’re the ones I wear all the time!] I think the one on the model pic looks different because she has the waistband sitting higher and more snug on the natural waist- yours seems lower so you get less drape in the jacket. Or maybe that’s just the photo? For sharper creases that stay, I was told to run a stub end of soap down the creaseline on the inside before pressing. It works like gentle glue, and the creases really do stay.

    1. Incredibly stylish as usual, Catherine. I love this on you. I think the only reason you think the Burda Lady looks more ‘sleek’ is because you can see the detailing on the white, more easily. Black is so hard to photograph. I agree with thedementedfairy about the waistline position and I also love the tip about soap to hold the creases! x

      1. Thanks! Yeah I’m starting to think I need to add less length above the waist. I read somewhere that it’s better for the waistband to be slightly high than slightly low. And I’m all for less adjusting.

  2. Looking sooo very good. Ankle boots with a heel? I think the longer leg is ok – adds to the slouchy casualness – which I prefer in this style to the pressed creases in M. Burda’s.

  3. You have really hit the ball out of the park on this one! Stunning. Burda should have had you model it…honestly, it’s gorgeous and so are you.

    As for shoes…do you ever wear sandal types at work? It’s done here all the time. I think a sandal with about a 1.5″ heel would be so pretty.

  4. oh wow – this is fashion! you look fantastic. the jumpsuit looks perfect on you and this is a case where the garment recedes and I see the whole look. Hair, lipstick, pose, jumpsuit – straight from a fashion mag. love it!

  5. You look fabulous! Love the slightly more slouchy style of the jumpsuit on you. Yes, ankle boots or oxfords – both would look great:)

  6. Another beautiful project – you always know what looks good on you, which is an art in and of itself.

  7. I like the drape on yours, although I think white would be very dramatic. I have a navy jumpsuit of a similar design. I wear nude ballet flats which I think look really nice. Also breaks up all that darkness.

  8. Fabulous! Love this jumpsuit, and black is such a versatile colour. I love the shoe suggestions from boots to oxfords. And I totally agree with Leanna – you always know what looks great on you.

  9. I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while, but still drumming up the courage to make it, as jumpsuits really aren’t my thing. I do think this edition of burdastyle has got to be the best of recent years.

  10. This is really cool looking, I love how it’s formal on top, but because it’s a jumpsuit that seems to make it more casual. Maybe it needs to sit higher on the waist, the model’s shirt is more blousey?

  11. It looks great! I also just finished a Burda jumpsuit that is pretty similar which I’ve yet to blog about. I also found it came out a bit baggier/drapier than expected. And yes – I also have no idea what shoes to wear with it!

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